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Where do I get started?

  When we were planning our own wedding, we were also struggling with bits and pieces until we fixed one thing: a reception venue. Immediately, that narrowed down choice of ceremony locations, and we reserved our ceremony venue.

After that, planning started moving: we could price a photographer and catering. The biggest rocks were out of the way; guests were invited. Next came the dress / the tux, the rings and the limo.

Our advice: fix the big things first (sites/venues), everything else will snap to those.


Download Documents You Need To Start Planning

Download FileCocktails template Preview as HTML
Download FileThings to take to the wedding Preview as HTML
Download FileCast of characters for your wedding Preview as HTML
Download FileWedding checklist Preview as HTML


Wedding Planning Timeline

All Downloadable Templates and Checklists



Simplify Your Wedding Planning!

  Get the big rocks out of the way first - once you know the location, price all other services.

Most critical items
Biggest-ticket services
Everything else

Then find all smaller items, and you're done!


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