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Choosing wedding attire color palette

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You probably thought there are many options, and you just cannot choose among so many colors, right? Well, here is the simple empiric breakdown for you of what couples end up with:

  • About 50% of guys wear a white tie on their wedding (white shirt, plus solid whiteTrackersolid white or woven silkTracker tie, for guys and a white dress for girls)
  • About 25% of couples go with a purple theme
  • About 15% of couples choose aquamarine theme
  • The remaining 10% wear other color choices

It's that simple. You can experiment a bunch with different color options, but statistically, we bet you'll end up with one of these three. So check them out right away to save time!

From the trends perspective, "white tie" option has been one of the most popular ones. Surprisingly, many grooms have been picking that in the last wedding season. This color choice has by far the largest number of votes among grooms. That leaves brides with two other accent colors for their bouquet and bridesmaid's dresses - purple or aquamarine.

Bright colors are great for skinny bridesmaids, and darker purple colors work well on all bridesmaids.

For guys, the common way to match brides' and bridesmaids' colors is:

  • Purple shirt and dark purple tie
  • Aquamarine vest and tie, plus white shirt

Thinking of choosing the classic plain black and white? Not really in style recently. While you might not care about "what's in style" right now, seeing yourself look "plain" in photos after the wedding is over is not really a fun thing.

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arlynes  |  Dec 08 '11 at 01:10 PM
Do you guys have any specific recommendations on which colors complement each other within each range? Specifically, we're thinking about purple "theme" for our wedding - our wedding planner is advising to also add white and light purple as other two colors in addition to main/leading purple color. Have those worked for anyone here, or what secondary colors would usually go with purple?

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