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Ideal Entertain by Tim Humphrey - wedding event DJ in Seattle, WA

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Address, phone and e-mail:

Seattle, WA

Phone number   (425) 681-7538
Website URL link address   www.idealentertain.com
E-mail address  

About Ideal Entertain by Tim Humphrey

In vendor's own words:

"I am one of those few people who is blessed to work in their field of passion. I am passionate about people, I am passionate about their stories, and I am passionate about shared experience. I think there is something magical when you can take a group of people and create a set of genuine emotions for them to experience collectively.
I love when I get an audience to be emotionally invested in what is happening in front of them; when they can forget about what is happening tomorrow and truly be “in the moment” to experience laughter, elation, empathy, and joy. Genuine emotion is one of the most honest expressions of the human condition and that is when true impact happens and lasting memories are created."

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(425) 681-7538

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