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Ideas for wedding!

Question Topic: Ideas for wedding!
I’m in search of some ideas for my brothers wedding. Unlike conventional weddings, I wish to do something unique and special this time. So many ideas came to my mind, but most of them are cliche ideas. One thing that made me excited was the idea of using wedding photo booth. I find it interesting and I haven’t seen them often in weddings. So I’ve contacted a photo booth rentals http://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/event-services/event-rentals/photo-booth-rental/ and saw some of the designs. What do you guys think of this idea? Suggestions, please!

Posted by: Jason
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Ashley  |  Apr 06 '16 at 03:40 PM
Hey! If you are looking for a photo booth you should check out transcendvideography.com. Send them an email and ask for info. They are a videography company that recently added a custom made blow up photo booth to their services. I was at an event where their booth was. It was awesome. Anyways, good luck with the wedding! Cheers!

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