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Outdoor wedding venue

Question Topic: Outdoor wedding venue
I'm looking for an affordable outdoor wedding venue around Seattle. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Katie
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wedding venture editor
Site Editor  |  Nov 27 '11 at 11:27 PM
Katie -

Thanks for your question. Could you please provide a bit more information so that we could help narrow down the choices?
- When (approximately) will your wedding take place? Summer/Fall/etc?
- Do you have any specific area around Seattle in place? (Are you thinking downtown, Eastside or any other areas?)
- Are you looking to have a ceremony or the reception outdoors (or both)? Any preferences as to the waterfront, mountain views, etc?
- How many people do you plan to host? Some venues in Seattle have really neat outdoor spaces, but they are typically better for bit smaller weddings than, say, wedding venues outside of the downtown Seattle area.

In general, a good place to start is http://www.weddingventure.com/profiles/venues. There are some really nice reception and ceremony spots ranging from Edmonds and Bellingham all the way to Olympia and Tacoma. If you tell us a bit more about your wedding, we'll be happy to suggest some options.

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Thanks for your response! We have not decided on the date yet, but I think we would like to have our wedding at the end of the summer or in early fall (August/September). Right now we are planning for somewhere around 70 guests.

We are not set on the location either, but would probably like to stay close to downtown Seattle (as we were thinking of having our wedding pictures taken in front of Space Needle, Pike Place, etc.)

Finally, we are really interested in having our ceremony outdoors, but our reception indoors (I'm thinking it might get a bit cold in the evening). I think the waterfront view would be great (although mountain or any other view would be nice as well), but that really depends on how expensive a place with a view like that will be. I checked out a couple of restaurants with the waterfront view in downtown Seattle, but they were out of our budget.
Katie - Nov 27 '11 at 11:42 PM
Jules  |  Nov 27 '11 at 11:28 PM
How far are you willing to travel? I would recommend Dragonwood near Cle Elum. We had our wedding there. It's a couple of hours away from Seattle, but it is very affordable, the views are gorgeous and the owners go out of their way to customize your special day for you. But if you want something closer to Seattle, I would definitely suggest UW Botanic Gardens. They are fairly affordable and close to all the Seattle landmarks (where you and your hubby may want to have your wedding photos taken before or after the ceremony).

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Thanks, Jules! Cle Elum is a bit far for us, but I will definitely check out UW. Thanks again! Katie - Nov 27 '11 at 11:48 PM
salamander_24  |  Dec 07 '11 at 01:05 AM
I heard you need a permit for an indoor weddings like a liquor / banquet permit or something. Do outdoor weddings on a private property need a permit like that?

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