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Seattle wedding community, including wedding services providers, brides and engaged couples, discuss latest bridal fashion, share tips and tricks, and help out each other with wedding planning questions here.

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Question Topic: Open House for New Roof Top Venue in Seattle
Wednesday, June 29, 2016
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Roof Top 524
524 Second Avenue (Roof Top)
Seattle, WA 98104
Bring your colleagues and friends to our Open House to check out our great new roof top space that can be used for all types of private events. Exclusive catering companies will be on site to preview their delicious food. A hosted bar will be available.

If you have any questions, please contact emily@tokitabethune.com.

Parking Garage Options:

Butler Garage- 114 James St

Subterranean Lot- 116 James St

Central Parking- 721 1st Ave

Please RSVP and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Hosted by Roof Top 524 & TokitaBethune Events

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Posted by: TBI Events
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Steve Douglas  |  Aug 26 '16 at 11:17 PM
This is an absolute hoot. A bunch of self-serving vendors with outrageous pricing schemes. $41 plates, "gratuity," taxes, table/chair rental, reception hall "booking," uniform/uniformed catering staff, blah, blah, blah......

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Lavonda  |  Aug 22 '16 at 04:45 PM
I am looking for "Wedding Prayer" words and music by Fern Glasgow Dunlap. Is there any chance that this is on a sound track anywhere? I need it by November. Thank you.

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Diane Schmidt  |  Jun 30 '16 at 11:04 PM
The email address is not going through. We are interested in renting an arbor for a wedding ceremony in Everett WA on Friday, Nov 4th at the Monte Cristo Ballroom. 206-660-5696

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Pat  |  Jun 22 '16 at 06:07 PM
Was at a wedding there. Owner was totally rude to everyone, even the wedding party. Crazy lady!!

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Don  |  Jun 20 '16 at 09:04 AM
Do not get married here. The lady who owns the place is RUDE to everyone.

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Question Topic: Ideas for wedding!
I’m in search of some ideas for my brothers wedding. Unlike conventional weddings, I wish to do something unique and special this time. So many ideas came to my mind, but most of them are cliche ideas. One thing that made me excited was the idea of using wedding photo booth. I find it interesting and I haven’t seen them often in weddings. So I’ve contacted a photo booth rentals http://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/event-services/event-rentals/photo-booth-rental/ and saw some of the designs. What do you guys think of this idea? Suggestions, please!

Posted by: Jason
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Ashley  |  Apr 06 '16 at 03:40 PM
Hey! If you are looking for a photo booth you should check out transcendvideography.com. Send them an email and ask for info. They are a videography company that recently added a custom made blow up photo booth to their services. I was at an event where their booth was. It was awesome. Anyways, good luck with the wedding! Cheers!

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Nathan  |  Feb 28 '16 at 09:56 PM
What! No A Tribe Called Quest.

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Rev. Jim, Minister  |  Feb 01 '16 at 03:29 PM
Sorry for the typos, was sending from my phone.

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Rev. Jim, Minister  |  Feb 01 '16 at 03:23 PM
"The problem with squeezing vendors so hard is that they may end up disillusioned and/or out of business. I happily pass on clients who have unreasonable expectations, often laughing at their temerity and wishing them luck.
Vendors who know their worth are the people you should be wanting to hire."

This is very accurate and I thank Simon for making a note of it.
The OP writes with the assumption that everyone is out to get or chisel him for as much as they can get away with. That is just not reasonable in most cases.
Take officiants, for example.
Couples will say "oh you are charging X amount when the service only lasts for 15 minutes that is crazy!!
They may fail to take into account meeting with the client, extensive phone conversatioons, texting, providing support, creating ceremonies, and rehearsals, and helping the bride and groom, take care of any unanticipated details - take up lots of time.'
They forget about that time the officiants invest, and discount or try to sweep it away as part of the equation.

With photographers, a similar thought process sometimes occurs- " I am paying her 3k, WOW that is a LOT!! Even if she gives us 500 pics that is still $6 a picture. Those photographers are rip offs!

And yet, they will gladly pay the venue 150 or more a plate for the guests that have been invited, not realizing the venue at times, WITH add ons, CAN make a profit of over 70 on some transactions.

Thus, the people who get hurt with this line of thinking are the little guys, the florists, the officiants, the photogs, the mom and pop cake bakers, who if subject to the OP's negotiation and "MBA executive classroom negotiation strategies" may end up squeezing that vendor to the point where he leans not to deal with that culture or type of "negotiating people" in the future.

The thing that disturbs me most about these types of internet self help articles is the OPs usually have very little real life experience in the subjects they are expounding on.

For example, reasonable business people in life WILL negotiate on certain things if you approach them respectfully, and with the understanding that if you squeeze them too much they won't make a profit.

With the immediacy of the internet, most professionals know what others are charging and try to stay in the same range.
The customers that come along with the belief that someone is going to "take advantage" of them are easy to spot. Generally speaking, it's been my experience that those customers fit into the 90/10 rule, 10% who take up 90% of a pro's time with extreme demands and superior attitutes. In the customer service business, anyone who wants to survive knows how important it is to serve our customers effectively.

However, there are some customers who not many want because of their overbearing or extreme pushy tactics. Smart businesses cannot survive with those types of folks clogging up the pipeline, and learn to avoid them or pass them on to others.

Remember, you get what you pay for in life.
The most expensive isn't always the best.
The cheapest isn't always the best value either,
If a customer wants to beat a Pro up too much on the pricing, it is a wise and mature move to Diplomatically pass them on to someone else.

Thanks for reading.

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