15 Things You Are Most Likely To Run Out Of During The Wedding

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7. Rewards for guests participating in reception games

This is simple - even if you end up hiring a professional MC, have something available for them to reward the crowd for participation in the entertainment program during the reception. It does not need to be big or expensive - packs of Skittles or something else small and colorful will serve as tokens that are sufficient to drive the participation and create a competitive spirit, but is not expensive enough to create upset participants who will dispute the judging because they really wanted a certain prize.

6. Rose petals for the ceremony

There could always be more. Rose petals create a great sense of celebration and luxury, but could be pricey and hard to maintain fresh. For that reason, get what you need, have that delivered the morning of the wedding (not the night before), and get more than you think you need. The more petals you have, the more luxurious the entire wedding will seem on the photographs.

5. Original wedding music

You go to 5 different weddings, and you will hear 5 sets of the same wedding tracks. If you get the band, they'll be sure to play the same wedding songs that they played on a wedding the day before and will play the day after. If you're not the first of your friends to get married, count on boring everyone with exactly the same repertoire as all the brides that came before you. Instead, opt for something original and not too cheesy. WeddingVenture.com has a bunch of articles on how to select original music for your wedding - check out those articles separately.

4. Wedding photos

We've written before on why your wedding photos could - or even should - be your #1 investment in the wedding planning, but even then, your main photographer will most likely be focusing on only the central set of activities at your wedding. You could hire - or even find for free - a secondary, backup photographer, but that photographer will also likely only track the "main characters" (i.e. you) at the wedding. What you won't have enough of is the photos of behind-the-scenes and of your guests. Most guests will take a dozen photos at most throughout the day, and if they are really having fun, they will most likely not even remember that they brought a camera with them even if they did.

We at WeddingVenture.com have seen a ton of great examples on how to get the most photos from your wedding. At one wedding, each table had 2-3 disposable cameras for the guests to use (you can get a bunch of cheap Kodak or Fuji Quick Snap Waterproof Disposable Cameras for your wedding - look for something with a good flash since it'll likely be dark).

Any major store with a photo shop in it will usually take a disposable film camera in for processing and can produce digital shots on a CD. You can give these cameras to your caterer, cake artist, band, etc ahead of time to get unique "behind the scenes" perspective - ask them to take photos when they cook, decorate the cake, wait before the event starts on the day of the wedding, etc. Some vendors will agree, others might choose not to participate, but you'll surely get more behind-the-scenes candid photos that you would otherwise.

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