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When deciding on transportation options, you need to think of (1) transportation for you and your bridal party on the day of the wedding, and (2) transportation for your guests.

Transportation for your guests

Given that on the day of the wedding, transporting your guests around will be the last thing on your mind, we advise you provide your guests with suggestions regarding transportation options well in advance. For the guests flying in from out of town, suggest a couple of car rental companies.

If you have a large number of guests flying in, you can often negotiate a group rate for your guests in advance. Call a local office of a car rental company and see if they can give you and discount or promotion. They might not be able to create a "custom" rate for you, but they in most cases can apply additional promotions, discounts and even apply coupons that you might not even be aware of.

You can also suggest your guests carpool on the day of your wedding (ask if any of your friends would be interested in coordinating this). As part of the "day program" packages that will be distributed when your guests arrive (see's day program sample), include local taxi numbers (just to make sure that those drivers that may have had too much fun at your wedding actually got home safe).

Transportation for bride, groom and the bridal party

Depending on your wishes, budget and how far you will need to travel on your wedding day, there are a couple of transportation choices to consider:

  • You can hire a limo or another type of luxury car from your local limo company.
  • You can rent a luxury car from a regular local car rental company for a day and have a friend or relative drive you around.
  • If you have a friend with a luxury / really cool / brand new car, you can ask them if you could use their car for the wedding day.

Hiring a car from a local limo company

This is generally a good, affordable option if you only need a car for a couple of hours and are not going to travel far. Some popular car choices to consider include:

  • Limos

    Limos, of course, are the most traditional choice. Limos are a good option for local travel if you are going between your home, the ceremony and reception sites and all of these places are located within 30 mins of travel from each other. That is, if you are only going to need a limo for a couple of hours and are not going to travel outside the city limits, limos can be surprisingly affordable (~$200 per hour).

    In fact, if you are only hiring a limo for a couple of hours, this option could be more affordable than renting a luxury car from a local rental company for the wedding day and then having a relative or a friend drive you around. Most limos also come with amenities to make your ride more fun and enjoyable (champagne glasses, napkins, music, lights, etc.).

    Our advice from us at (something one of the catering companies taught us a while back): when ordering food for your wedding, you will reserve food choices for the reception. But with all the time spent doing make-up, hair, preparing for the ceremony, etc., you will be very hungry by the time you get into the limo after a ceremony.

    Order a bunch of food for yourself into the limo when you're heading from the ceremony to take some photographs before the reception of simply moving between the ceremony and the reception. Unlike your guests, you will not have time to participate in the cocktails before the ceremony and will be intolerably hungry by the time you say "I do."

  • Antique and classic cars.

    As an alternative to hiring a limo, most limo companies also provide antique and classic cars. Some couples consider antique cars to be a more romantic choice than limos (limos make you look like you're going to a prom, not getting married). Antique cars will also cost less (net price) than limos, but will not generally fit more than 4-5 people. Thus, if you have a large bridal party, they would need to travel in a different vehicle.

  • Large vans

    If you have a large bridal party that you would like to travel with you (15-30 people), limo companies can also provide you with a large luxury wedding van or even a luxury mini-bus. These, however, do not provide the same sense of luxury and exclusivity as do limos or antique cars (they may be black and shiny, but they still look like a bus rather than a luxury car), so are generally less popular than smaller vehicles.

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