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Why not enjoy a first-class ride on your wedding day? Read how a limousine or party bus can truly enhance your special day. More importantly, learn how to choose the right limousine company for everyone’s safety.
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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Actionville Limousines is one of Jacksonville, Florida's oldest and most experienced limousine and party bus companies. We are backed with almost two decades of providing limousine and party bus services for all of Northeast Florida and East Georgia. We don't just specialize in one specific occasion. Over the years, we have mastered them all. Especially weddings!

We reap those benefits by having highly trained and very experienced chauffeurs with all of them having over 12 years experience. We also have had many awards from different groups and organizations over the years. But our two best awards are having very safe chauffeurs and having thousands of regular customers that have been with us from the beginning. In the limousine industry, both of those awards are very rare and very hard to achieve, but we did it!

How did you start?

Actionville Limousines started with one very unique limousine and two chauffeurs. Unexpectedly, business went quite well and within nine months, we ordered our second limousine. I can remember almost every customer stating, "Wow! I have never seen a limousine like this before!" We knew we were on the right path and continued growing with the unique limousines we were well known for and became one of Jacksonville, Florida's fastest growing limousine companies.

We don't really look at the limousine business as a job. It's more like an adventure. Whether it is making the reservation on the phone or driving the limousine, no two customers are the same. You must love it all or it is best to leave. Especially the limousine chauffeurs. Driving a limousine is just not meant for anyone. An experienced chauffeur is "golden." After all, your life is in their hands. Customers should always remember just how valuable an experienced limousine chauffeur really is. Your life depends on it.

"Can we drink alcohol in the limousine?"

What are the most common questions that couples ask you at the first introductory appointment?

The first most common question that customers ask is, "How many passengers does your limousines hold?" We have many different sized limousines that can hold 6 passengers and up to 18 passengers. We also have many different sized party buses that can hold 14 passengers and up to 36 passengers. In the limousine industry, size does matter in two ways. A limousine rated for 10 passengers doesn't always mean it will hold 10 passengers. For an example, 10 football players will not fit in a 10 passenger limousine compared to 10 average sized passengers. Just 1 bigger than average passenger can require a group to need a bigger limousine. Customers should always keep that in mind when reserving a limousine or party bus.

The second most common question that customers ask is, "Can we drink alcohol in the limousine?" We do allow our customers to drink alcohol in the limousines and party buses, but each passenger drinking alcohol must be 21 years of age. We do follow drinking laws very strictly. There are companies that do allow underage drinking in their limousines and party buses, but remember, not only are you breaking the law, so are they. You definitely will have a night to remember, but it won't be a good one. Customers should also keep that in mind when reserving a limousine or party bus.

What should one look for in a limousine company before hiring?

  • The first most important thing to look for in a limousine company before making a reservation is their “experience.” It can take many years to learn the ropes of the limousine business depending on how busy that company is. If the limousine company has not been in business for at least three years, we do not recommend reserving a limousine with that company. An inexperienced limousine company usually lacks professionalism and usually means they have inexperienced chauffeurs which can quickly turn your event into a complete nightmare. These days, events and celebrations can be expensive. Don't allow an inexperienced limousine company be the cause of you being late to your important event or even worse, for you not arriving to it at all. Most cities and towns have a variety of experienced limousine companies to choose from. Choose carefully and wisely!
  • The second most important thing to look for in a limousine company before making a reservation is their “prices.” Running a limousine company is very expensive with many expenses behind the scenes that most customers couldn't imagine. Although everyone loves a cheap price, do not use that factor alone when choosing a limousine or party bus under any circumstances. A cheap price usually guarantees they do not maintain their limousines or party buses properly. It can also mean they do not have the proper insurance. And in most cases, they do not pay their chauffeurs fairly. A professional and experienced chauffeur is not cheap and is a must in the limousine business. Without them, the limousines go nowhere. Most reputable limousine companies are usually around the same price on comparable limousines and party buses. We advise checking prices at at least five limo companies. Then go look at the limousines in person and choose the one you like the best. It may sound time consuming, but it will be well worth it in the end. One thing to remember. The disappointment from poor quality lasts much longer than the satisfaction of a low price.
  • The third most important thing to look for in a limousine company before making a reservation is to “make sure they have a signed contract agreement with that company's name on it.” All reputable limousine companies have a contract. If they do not provide the customer with a contract, that limousine company is not required to provide them with a limousine and most likely will not. These limousine companies usually operate like an auction. The highest paying customer gets the limousine. The lower paying customer gets their deposit refunded and no limousine. And most of the time these companies will not notify the customer until it is too late for them to make other arrangements.

What questions do couples invariably forget to ask?

  • The first most important question customers forget to ask is, "Do you have proof of insurance?" This is another reason why we recommend going to see your limousine of choice in person first because proof of insurance can be verified while you are there. Each limousine and party bus is required to carry an insurance card in the vehicle just like in your personal vehicle. But don't be fooled just by seeing an insurance card. There are two things you should always verify on the insurance card. First, make sure the company's name is on the insurance card. If it is a persons name, there is a high possibility that company does not have the proper insurance to legally operate that vehicle for business. Second, make sure the license plate number on the insurance card matches the license plate number on the back of the vehicle. For your safety and protection, do not ever reserve a limousine with a company that can not provide proof of insurance or with a company that does not have the proper insurance.
  • The second most important question customers forget to ask is, "Can I come and see the limousine or party bus in person?" Many companies picture limousines and party buses on their website that they do not own. Most of the time these are companies taking pictures out of magazines and posting them on their website to make the customer believe that is what the limousine looks like that they are reserving. Then on the day of their event, the limousine that arrives does not look anything like the picture they seen. And sometimes these companies are brokers that are in another city or state that are not actual limousine companies at all. These companies build a website, post pictures and then wait for phone calls. When they receive a phone call, they call local limousine companies in the city or state that they received the call from looking for a resemblance for the type of limousine that the customer requested. Most of the time these brokers have no idea what the limousine looks like that the customer will be receiving and they have no idea what kind of service the customer will be provided. Basically, the broker has no control over anything but the price and the contract. We recommend to always make an appointment and go see your limousine in person first. If you can't see it, touch it or smell it first, do not reserve a limousine with that company.
  • We require a $300.00 security deposit on each limousine reservation and we require a $400.00 security deposit on each party bus reservation.

    How much of a deposit is required?

    We require a $300.00 security deposit on each limousine reservation and we require a $400.00 security deposit on each party bus reservation. After the customer completes their contract with us, we email or fax the contract to them so they can sign it and email or fax it back to us. The individual signing the contract also must be the credit card holder.

    Although most customers send their signed contract back to us immediately, we do allow 24 hours from the time they made their reservation to send it back to us. If we do not receive the signed contract back within 24 hours, that contract is voided and we do not guarantee the limousine or party bus they requested will be still available. Once we receive the signed contract back, we authorize the appropriate security deposit amount on the credit card the customer used for their reservation. At that point, it becomes a legal and binding contract.

    If the customer decides to cancel the limousine or party bus after we receive the signed contract back, the appropriate security deposit will be charged to their credit card for the cancellation. If the limousine or party bus is canceled within 48 hours of the actual pick up time requested on the contract, the final total amount is due in full. Emergency situations can be handled differently, but we very very rarely have a cancellation.

    What are the typical services/packages offered?

    Depending on what size limousine is requested or what size party bus is requested, prices can vary between $90.00 an hour and $250.00 an hour

    The most popular wedding package that our customers reserve is for four hours with red carpet and "just married" signs. During prom season, all limousines and party buses have a six hour minimum after 4:00 PM. Throughout the rest of the year, all limousines have a three hour minimum and all party buses have a four hour minimum. We do have many sizes of limousines and many sizes of party buses to choose from.

    Depending on what size limousine is requested or what size party bus is requested, prices can vary between $90.00 an hour and $250.00 an hour. We can provide limousine and party bus services for small weddings as well as very large weddings. The largest wedding we have ever provided limousine and party bus services for had approximately 1,200 guests. That customer has been reserving limousines with us for over 16 years.

    Why the limo bus services are so much in demand these days?

    The party bus or limo bus demand really picked up unexpectedly back in 2011 with high school kids reserving them for prom. It was a good idea back then when the party bus prices were so much cheaper. It was a great way to save money by having a lot more room for a lot more passengers which meant the price per person was a lot less than a limousine. Not long after, the bachelor parties, the bachelorette parties, the corporate parties and the birthday parties jumped on the bandwagon.

    Over the last few years with all the accidents, the restrictions, the regulations and the insurance prices skyrocketing, it just might be a fad that is about to fade away in the near future. With all the extra room, the dance floors, the disco lights, the loud stereos and you can stand up in them, still makes them pretty popular, but we can see the limousine business starting to pick back up rapidly.

    More and more insurance companies are refusing to provide insurance for the party buses and the limo buses, so I believe limousine companies are not going to have a choice but to eventually go back to the limousine tradition. We are hearing more and more customers say that they are done with the crazy parties on the party buses and that they are getting way too expensive to rent. In my opinion, the party buses are nice and fun and we are glad we can still offer them. But no matter how you look at it, the limousines are much safer for any event or celebration and you can have just as much fun in a limousine. After all, the first stretch limousine was built back in 1928. So they have been around for a long long time.

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