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What should our readers know about you?

Hey friends! I'm Justin, a Vancouver Wedding Photographer.

In addition to weddings, I also specialize in engagement sessions and proposals. Based in Vancouver, I also travel throughout the lower mainland, and I am available to capture your wedding worldwide. My greatest joy is creating images that capture raw emotions and preserve this adventure we call life. My approach to capturing TIMELESS AND CREATIVE images is to first and foremost find AMAZING light. I've had the privilege of doing this for the last 7 years!

A few things you should know about me:

  • Before I got into wedding photography, I obtained my Hospitality Management degree and worked at Disney World. It's also the reason why I'm a sucker for happily ever after
  • I love exploring new places, cultures, and all the exotic cuisine each place has to offer. There's nothing better than traveling the world and learning about the different cultures. From simple luxuries of Michelin star restaurants to home-cooked local meals, the idea of exploring new places never gets old.

If you're a couple madly in love and looking for an adventure, I would love for you to check my website


What should couples consider when choosing a wedding photographer?

"Find a photographer who has a great personality!"

When you sit down with them during the consultation, you should feel comfortable around them. They want to feel like a friend or family member. Find a photographer who has a great personality! Most people forget but your photographer will be with you for 80% of the day. It’s not just about taking great photos but an overall experience from start to finish. In addition, you should ask them to see various photos from prior weddings they have photographed to see what they're capable of in all situations! Remember, every wedding is different.

Over the last few years, many of my bridal couples and I have become friends! That’s because when you interview your wedding photographer well, you will find many interests in common. As for me, I love traveling, trying new foods, and these things connect me closer to my couples! I always compare my initial consultations as a first date. The more information you know about your photographer, the more you'll feel at ease during the whole process!

What type of photography is suitable for a wedding?

Whether you like photojournalism, editorial, or more posed photos, or a mix, there are so many options

There's no right or wrong answer! It really comes down to your preference. In the end, it's your day, and it depends on how you want your day documented. This is why it's so important to review the photographer's portfolio and ask them these questions during the consultation. Whether you like photojournalism, editorial, or more posed photos, or a mix, there are so many options. For myself, in my business, I love having a mix of photojournalism with a few traditional photos.

For the beginning of the day, when you're getting ready, I like to have a more photojournalistic approach as I sit back and observe, and everything unfolds naturally. This will be the same for the ceremony and reception. However, during the bridal party, photos are where I tend to help couples with posing and giving them fun prompts. Everyone hopes for natural photos that are authentic, and that's exactly what I do! I would say 90% of my couples have never done a photoshoot before, so it's my job to make them feel at ease.

What is the newest trend in wedding photography?

The old saying "everything old is new again" is so true.

Do you remember when people use to deliver photos on CDs? Well, most people’s computers don’t even have CD drives anymore. It might not be long before USB drives will be on their way out too. I think with technology advancing so fast, people are going back to old school ways and using albums again, which stand the test of time. I think albums are such a great thing. There's no better feeling than physically holding an album and flipping through pages as you reminisce about your whole day.

I remember as a kid flipping those old albums and laughing as we got to relive our parents’ wedding day. I want albums to be my couple's first heirloom as they pass it down from generation to generation. At the end of the day, it's what I strive for in my photography business! Creating a lasting legacy for my couples.

For those on a tight budget, which photography services are a must-have vs. nice to have?

I think a wedding photography package should include an engagement session.

I think the must-haves are definitely the getting ready and formal photos of you two! Those are where the intimate moments are found. However, speeches and first dances aren't to be missed, as well. If you have a tight budget, one thing I always recommend is moving the important things to earlier in the evening. That way, your photographer doesn't need to be there for the less important parts that don't matter as much to you. For example, I've had couples who have had the first dance, and speeches before dinner has even started. That way, the photographer can capture those important moments before they leave.

Although second shooters are nice to have, as they can get creative shots and perspectives, that is one place you can save on! Your main photographer should be able to get all the shots! If you go down this route, make sure to provide your photographer with a list of must-have shots!

What should a wedding photography package include?

I think a wedding photography package should include an engagement session.

I think a wedding photography package should include an engagement session. I think engagement shoots are so invaluable. You don't want to be camera shy on the wedding day, and I think the engagement session breaks the ice. You get to see how your photographer operates, and the photographer gets to learn more about the couple and poses that work well for the couple.

Engagement shoots are also great, because you can visit a location you may not otherwise get to visit on your wedding day. Many of my couples will pick an engagement location opposite of what their wedding venue is ( e.g urban setting for engagement photos, compared to rustic wedding ceremony space). These photos are also great for your wedding website, save the dates, and guest sign-in books!

Although I touched on this in my last question, your package should also include an album! I believe photos should be held in your hands and not shown on a digital file. After all is said and done, the only thing you have remaining from your wedding are photos.

What are the best places for wedding photography?

Before I find a great place for photography, one thing you'll always hear me talk about is light! The location is only as good as the lighting! With that said, the best place for wedding photography is somewhere with nice even lighting.

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Sunset gives the best possible light and helps avoid squinty eyes, harsh shadows, and uneven lighting on your wedding party

If you're planning to do an outdoor ceremony, I would recommend scheduling it close to sunset if at all possible. Sunset gives the best possible light and helps avoid squinty eyes, harsh shadows, and uneven lighting on your wedding party. If you aren't able to make sunset work, at least check out the venue beforehand and try to find a shady spot or a place where the sun will be behind the officiant.

All things being equal, the best places for wedding photography in Vancouver is anywhere that showcases the mountains, and the Pacific Northwest. One of my favorite venues is Sea to Sky Gondola. This location is just a short drive away from Vancouver. As you get married, you're surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

What are the top 3 favorite wedding shots that people ask to take?

I think the first look is something that people are often excited about. The bride's love seeing the reaction of the groom as he sees the bride for the first time. If there's no first look, the groom's reaction as the bride walks down the aisle is always something I look for. Those moments are always so priceless. From tears to the jaw-dropping photos, those are some of my favorite moments in the ceremony.

I always like to ask the best man just before the wedding ceremony starts and ask if he thinks the groom will cry. The answers I get are always pretty funny.

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One thing I love capturing is the candid moments of their guests

Besides those moments I think people love the little details throughout the day that tie everything in together. They've spent countless months planning, seeing everything come together is such a rewarding feeling. Lastly, one thing I love capturing is the candid moments of their guests. With the bride and groom being so busy during the day, those candid moments with their guests interacting are something they can look back on after the wedding!

What are your thoughts on having a second photographer at a wedding?

Depending on the wedding venue and how many guests you have a second shooter can be a good idea! However, some locations are so tight, with narrow paths, a second shooter might not be needed due to the restrictions. Although having a second shooter is beneficial for larger parties! A second shooter can focus on the moments such as guests enjoying the cocktail hour, reception, candid moments, etc., while the main photographer might be doing group photos with the bridal party. During the ceremony, one photographer can get a safe shot while the other photographer can be a bit more creative.

Another factor to consider is your getting ready location! If you're hoping to get some getting ready photos of both the groom and bride, you may need a second shooter if your locations are far from each other. However, if you're getting ready at the same spot, a second shooter probably won't be needed.

Being a photographer at a friend’s wedding. Is it a good idea?

YES! I've done this for multiple friends, and I can't tell you how rewarding this is. As a guest, you only get to see your friends for a glimpse during the ceremony and reception. However, as a wedding photographer for a friend, you get to spend almost the whole day with them! You get to witness the little things and see the intimate moments. There are so many little things that you get to laugh about as you get ready. You get to create images that will hopefully be passed down to generations. I think for some people, shooting friends can be nerve-wracking, cause you want to an awesome job for them, but knowing them on a personal level almost makes it easier.

Another alternative if you want to shoot and be part of the wedding festivities, you can always have the second shooter take over the reception duties, while you enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends.

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