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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

We are Kindred Oaks, a full service (which means we go above and beyond for our couples) wedding venue with over 15 years in the business. We strive to make the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible, specifically with our Inclusive Packages, as we know that life is busy and doesn’t slow down because you’re planning a wedding! We have been so lucky to receive awards like The Knot Hall of Fame award as well as over 10 years of the Wedding Wire Couples Choice awards!

How did you start?

Our owners, Steve and Elaine Lincoln, started Kindred Oaks in 2003 after planning their own wedding, with so many compliments they thought “why not do the same thing for others?” We really are a “family” business, in that many of our couples over the years have become just that to us- Family! We have seen couples come back and share anniversaries with us or bring out their new babies for photo shoots, and that really does make our hearts so happy to know that we weren’t just a location for a wedding- we were a place where their families began.

"Each couple wants to create an event that reflects themselves"

What are the most common questions that couples ask you at the first introductory appointment?

We, of course, get lots of questions about dates, as that is one of the biggest deciding factors for a lot of couples. Couples will also want to understand how the flow of their event will happen. A lot of couples will be looking for a location that will comfortably hold their guest count so that is something we know is important to them. Also, things like the outdoor ceremony or the way a venue “feels” like romantic or rustic or some type of aesthetic they are looking for. Each couple wants to create an event that reflects themselves.

How far in advance should one research wedding venues?

We only book 18 months out from a date, so we would recommend that time frame. If you are date specific ( Saturdays only or an actual specific date 10.10.20 for example), or you plan on being married in a peak season month like October- the sooner the better, as those dates fill up quickly.

We only book 18 months out from a date, so we would recommend that time frame

How important is the location of a wedding?

Location is important for several reasons, we see couples frequently who pick this area because of its beauty (who doesn’t love the Texas Hill Country?) also, the Austin area is often a middle ground location for families traveling from different areas of the country. Couples want their location to reflect themselves, or the vibe of their event.

How to know if my wedding venue cost is a good deal?

We know that we include services that a lot of other venues do not, in order to offer a stress-free day to our couples and their families. Things like set up or breakdown of tables, a lot of places will make the family take care of on their own or even have to incur a fee from a caterer to do those jobs, but we handle all of that ourselves, we also include a linen allowance, stay in our onsite honeymoon suite and so much more!

Are wedding fees generally negotiable?

Not normally, the only time we will alter our rates is if the date is booked within a shorter time out (less than three months from a date) or if there is no bar included in the event. There is a basic cost to any venue just to open their doors, so we have to be sure that we are making that for each event.

"A great DJ can make or break your event"

What are the things that in your opinion a wedding venue MUST have?

A great DJ can make or break your event. Also, a good Coordinator is always appreciated! I feel that whatever your “must have item” for your event- be it the food or photos, you want to make sure to spend your money there to get the quality you want.

What is your advice for planning a wedding?

Be flexible, there are so many details that go into planning a wedding, that you can’t micromanage them all. Pick your top important items and then the rest don’t make issues. Pick vendors you feel comfortable with and that have good reviews- ask friends who have gotten married for the advice!

What was the most memorable wedding you had?

After 15 years of weddings, they all are memorable in some way. But the ones that we have formed relationships with seem to stand out the most!

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