Your Guide to Wedding Invitations

Your Guide to Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations set the tone and create expectation!

What should wedding invitations say?

Wedding invitations set the tone and create expectation! Written in the third person is the rule for formal invitations with the following essentials:

  • Who is hosting the event: the parents of the bride, both sets of parents, the couple, others.
  • The purpose of the event: marriage, commitment ceremony, renewal of vows.
  • Who is being honored: name of the couple.
  • Date and time: depending on the formality of the tone of the invitation the numbers are written in letters or numeric.
  • Place of the ceremony: a house of worship or other location + address.
  • Place of the reception: if it is in the same place the ceremony or in a different location, it must be indicated in the invitation.

This is the basic information even if the invitation is formal or informal. Many couples might choose for wedding invitations out of the classic. Some might prefer to reflect more of the couple’s personality. In any case, it will set the tone of your event. Some couples might choose a formal look and less formal wording, or use the classic formal wording with a contemporary design. There are no limits to the choices as long as you can cover the essentials.

A second card should be considered for RSVP and a third card for any other important information.

RSVP (is the abbreviation for the french phrase Répondez s’il vouz plaît that means "please respond”). Asking your guests to accept or decline your invitation. The default is for your guests to send a written reply in the envelope provided. Nowadays, if you wish you can add an email address or a phone number, it is another option.

The third card should have any other relevant information, like the couple’s website, gift list, other events, etc.

Where can a couple find examples of wording for wedding invitations?

Pinterest is a great place to look.

I have my favorite books: Crane’s Wedding Blue Book. This is a great reference guide for all the stationery wedding suite for those concerned with etiquette. It's great for anyone who is engaged and its a foundation for proper wording.

Emily Post’s wedding etiquette- 6th Edition, is a modern version written by the great great granddaughters of Emily Post. And its a great guide for past traditions to modern updates. It has a well-explained timeline for ordering invitations to when to send them.

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Today’s weddings are a blend of traditions reflecting what matters most to each couple. I think it is important to choose something that resonates with the style they want.

How should a couple choose wedding invitations cards?

Today’s weddings are a blend of traditions reflecting what matters most to each couple. I think it is important to choose something that resonates with the style they want. And from there, the design will take care of the rest even the budget. I believe design is the most important aspect. Anything can be modified and design allows to look for other alternatives and help accommodate to the budget.

What are some of the most innovative wedding invitation cards?

I believe that wedding invitations don’t always have to stray from the standard. The goal of an invitation is simply to welcome, share and enjoy the union of two families.

What kind of wedding invitations are in trend?

Wedding invitations never go out of style! So I think its best to look for what resonates most with the couple!

How early should you send wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations should be sent 6-8 weeks in advance. And if it is a destination wedding is always good to send a save the date 1yr to 6 months before so your guests can have time to plan their travels.

How much should a couple spend on Wedding RSVP Cards?

RSVP cards go hand in hand with the invitations, they are part of the wedding suite. I think its fair to say that RSVP cards are approx 1/2 the price of a wedding invitation.

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