Interview with StarDust Celebrations, a bridal boutique in Dallas

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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

StarDust Celebrations is a one-of-a-kind bridal boutique offering over 18,000 square feet of everything needed to style your perfect wedding party. Brides can choose from Dallas’ largest selection of couture bridal gowns while working with experienced, professional stylists during personalized private appointments.

They can also select bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride/groom gowns, tuxedos, invitations, gifts, and accessories - not to mention our team of certified wedding planners on hand to assist you in bringing your dream wedding to life. In fact, wedding planning is where it all began nearly 20 years ago before we grew to become the bridal boutique mecca we are today!

Where should the bride start in her selection of a wedding dress?

When looking for a wedding gown, brides need to consider personal style, the time of the year, the wedding venue, budget and her groom! Remember that when your grandchildren look back at your wedding photos decades from now, the first thing they will notice is THE DRESS. It truly lives on in photographs for generations so we recommend dedicating 10% of the wedding budget to the bridal gown and accessories.

At StarDust bridal boutique, we offer every silhouette imaginable from ball gown to sheath with details ranging from classic traditional to modern and edgy. Book your bridal boutique appointment at 8-10 months prior to your wedding date, select 2-3 trusted friends/family members to join you and work with a professional stylist who can walk you through every step of the process.

“The day a bride selects her wedding gown is filled with special moments and we are there to make sure it goes off without a hitch.“

What makes StarDust bridal boutique different?

StarDust offers a bridal boutique experience like none other. The day a bride selects her wedding gown is filled with special moments and we are there to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Brides book appointments with our professional stylists who walk them through the entire process, helping them to select the perfect gown, taking measurements to ensure it fits like a glove and monitoring the entire ordering process. Top it all off with a glass of champagne and you have an afternoon you’ll never forget.

What are the most common questions that brides ask you?

Some questions are how long does it take to get the dress? Are alterations included in the cost? Should I order a veil now? If I’m doing a portrait, how early is that done? There aren’t any “common” questions; however, a bride should be upfront with their stylist regarding any questions or concerns they may have. Your stylist is there to help and educate you over this process, and they can’t read your mind! If you want to know what happens if you lose 20 pounds before the wedding, just ask! We’ve heard it all!

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”If the price is too good to be true; it’s not true!”

Brand name vs generic. What’s the difference?

The biggest difference between couture and non-couture gowns is the quality of the fabric, crystal/rhinestones, details, and construction. Also, in general, you are able to make changes to your couture gown through the designer so you truly have a one of a kind piece of artwork designed specifically for you on your wedding day!

Remember, especially when ordering online from an overseas discount website… If the price is too good to be true; it’s not true! There are some great American designers out there, some of our favorites include (but obviously not limited to) Eve of Milady, Kelly Faetanini, Ysa Makino, new designer Allison Webb, and of course the ever so fabulous Ms. Hayley Paige!

What are some typical mistakes brides make when shopping for a wedding dress?

Bringing too many people to the bridal boutique! We encourage brides to limit their shopping parties to those who are truly special and need to be there, everyone else can come to a "try-on" appointment when your gown arrives. Recently, we are seeing a return to a very small group and keeping the look of the dress a secret until the bride walks down the aisle.

Remember both Kate and Meghan? No one knew what their dress looked like until they stepped down the aisle. What you see on TV, is not always so much fun, best to think about, the number of people you bring will equal the number of conflicting opinions you have to deal with!

Also, know your budget and be realistic about how flexible it is when shopping. Never try on a gown in a bridal boutique you aren't willing to commit to price-wise, the last thing you want to be thinking about on your wedding day is how the gown you are wearing doesn't make you feel the same way another gown did.

”Come with a clear idea of details that are important to you”

Any tips for finding that perfect wedding dress?

Come to the bridal boutique with a clear idea of details that are important to you; it may be the desired silhouette, a specific type of lace, a design detail you can’t live without (like a dramatic train), or it may just be the way you are wanting the gown to make you feel.

All of those details help your stylist narrow down the selections they have to find you the perfect gown and remember to listen to your stylist… they may pull a wildcard for you, just try it, you won’t be sorry!

What's the typical budget that the bride should set aside for wedding dress and accessories?

There is no typical budget for a wedding gown; you often hear 10% of the price of the total wedding is a good rule of thumb; however, we find that the bride should prioritize what is important to her on the wedding day and set her budget that way.

If you want a gown made mainly of silk, expect to spend $2,000 and up. If you want a designer gown, again expect to start around $2,000. If you want a special name designed, expect prices to be more, perhaps $3,500 to $8,000. If you want a Vera Wang, expect it to start at $5,000.

If man-made, poly fabrics, non-designer brands, and the latest thing does not matter to you, you can find a great dress staring at $1,000 or less.

”When it comes to weddings, things NEVER go as planned.”

What's trending in wedding dresses now?

We are seeing a trend back to dramatic ballgowns with interesting detailing, low plunging necklines, barely their bodices, 3D detailing, removable dramatic skirts and trains; we are also noticing that more brides are wanting that high-quality fabrication…. There’s a definite trend towards real satin and silk fabrics that give you that luxurious look and feel.

Also, the royal wedding we anticipate may have some requests for clean line gowns! Just remember when trying on these beauties gowns in a bridal boutique; quality workmanship, delivery time and a salon that can tailor the gown to your frame are essentials elements for that great look on your wedding day.

Did you face any horror situations?

Yes, many horror stories; one bride smeared black mascara on the front of her gown as she was dressing. We have had zippers break in gowns, children refusing to walk down the aisle. The worst was an officiant not showing up!

When it comes to weddings, things NEVER go as planned. If it’s in the budget, invest in a real certified wedding planner; that way when things go wrong… they deal with it, not you!

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