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In business since 2012

We are an event service company specializing in guest service based roles such as bartenders, servers, cashiers, greeters, door personnel etc. With over 500 successful events from the largest corporations to private businesses to residential events we have the experience it takes for any event setting or type.

Signature Selection, Llc is one of the wedding bartenders and waiters in Atlanta and offers wedding bar services.

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Wedding Bar Packages and Prices

We are happy to put together a package for you. The exact price depends on several factors such as the date of the event, specific services included, number of hours spent at the event, etc.

Below are some sample packages. Most packages (and pricing) can be customized to fit your needs and budget. You can either book an existing package or click Price a Package to create a custom one.

Bronze Selection Wedding Bar Package

  • Detailed Bar Stock Buying Guide*
  • Up to 1 Signature Cocktail Recipe*
  • Portable Bar Table w/ Linen Cloth**
  • Large Cooler**
  • Blender**
  • Menu Board**
  • Galvanized Tubs
  • Bar Tool Kit
  • Stirrers
  • At Least 30 Minutes of set up
  • **UPON REQUEST, $5 Additional
  • ‚Äč

Silver Selection Wedding Bar Package

  • Same as Bronze Selection package.
  • +
  • Up to 2 Signature drink recipes
  • Cups
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Paper Towels
  • Starts at $150. $3 per guest.

Gold Selection Wedding Bar Package

  • Same as Silver Selection package.
  • +
  • Up to 3 Signature drink recipes
  • Garnishes
  • Ice
  • Mixers
  • Glassware (Optional, up to 50 Pcs)
  • Starts at $250. $5 per guest.

Platinum Selection Wedding Bar Package

  • Same as Gold Selection package.
  • +
  • Glassware (50+ Pcs)
  • Starts at $275. $5 per guest + .50-.75 per glass.

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