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Minter & richter designs is the creation of husband and wife team minter & scott richter. we specialize in titanium and steel wedding and commitment rings. we would love nothing more than to work with you to make the very perfect ring set to celebrate your union. all our pieces are unique and individually hand-crafted from a single billet of pure titanium by scott richter in boston ma. But even before they take form, the rings are constructed in our customers imaginations. We enjoy the process of making you the very ring that suits you, so please contact us with your requests and ideas.

from our fingers to yours . . .

minter and scott richter

Minter & Richter Designs is one of the wedding jewelers in Boston and offers wedding jewelry services.

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Wedding Jewelry Packages and Prices

We are happy to put together a package for you. The exact price depends on several factors such as the date of the event, specific services included, number of hours spent at the event, etc.

Most packages and pricing can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Click below to get a personalized quote.

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