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Expand videography is a wedding videography and photography company located in los angeles, ca. This team specializes in creative, cinematic wedding films that are made to stand out from the rest. When working with them, you can create a timeless keepsake of your big day. Expand videography is made up of three creatives, jhon k, oxana bessaco, and alec kan. This team has a collective wealth of experience in the creative industries, with a focus on crafting incredible videos and photos of special events. They will work with you to create a package that suits your event, ensuring that each detail of your big day is captured. Expand videography can provide consultations where the team can learn more about your special event. They can help you to design a videography timeline that runs in tandem with your celebration, as opposed to interrupting it. The team can offer full event coverage, along with photography services that include engagement photo sessions. You will receive your final package in high-definition digital format, ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

Expand Videography is one of the wedding videographers in Los Angeles and offers wedding videography services.

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Wedding Videography Packages and Prices

We are happy to put together a package for you. The exact price depends on several factors such as the date of the event, specific services included, number of hours spent at the event, etc.

Below are some sample packages. Most packages (and pricing) can be customized to fit your needs and budget. You can either book an existing package or click Price a Package to create a custom one.

Premium Photo/Video Combo Package Wedding Videography Package
Limited time promo!

  • 10-hour coverage,
  • 2 Videographers,
  • 2 Photographers,
  • 5-7 min Highlights,
  • All Edited Photos,
  • Online Gallery,
  • Full Multicam Edits of Ceremony/Reception,
  • Drone Footage,
  • Photobook/Premium Photo Glossy Paper/Hard Cover/10"*8" - 20 pages,
  • 1-3 min Teaser within 14 days.

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Jun 13 '22 at 07:05 PM
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Experience: Expand was on the cheaper end of the spectrum when I did my videographer/photographer search. They had a team of three come to the wedding, had two photography cameras and two videography cameras. One of their staff broke part of my wedding dress, which caused a lot of stress. They also never apologized for it. There was some communication difficulty due to their first language not being English, and I felt their photo prompts were a little cheesy. They gave me some edited pictures at the end of the night of as a preview, which I really appreciated. After about a month I received the photos via google drive, a photobook draft to modify (online), a slideshow (via their website) and their "online gallery" format (via their website). About a week later we received the highlight reel via YouTube link and a few days later we received a longer film via Google Drive. All of the content was also sent on an external hard drive, including all the raw video that did not make it to the edited films (full first dance, full father-daughter dance, etc.). With the external hard drive we also received the photobook. They asked me to review them on TheKnot and WeddingWire and I wasn't sure if I should, because I knew I had some criticism and wasn't sure how well they'd take it. After deciding to write it for the sake of their business and other potential clients, they emailed me and were very rude and defensive. Instead of using my criticism to improve their business, it seemed they only wanted overwhelmingly positive reviews to get more clients. They tried to convince me to edit my review, which seemed dishonest to me. When I refused, they disputed my reviews with the site and got them removed. The site was supposed to contact me to verify the validity of the review and get it put back on the site, but they never followed through. So it remains hidden. Final product quality: Highlight Reel: I was very satisfied with the highlight reel, it was beautifully done. Only complaint was some minor editing choices such as black and white edits and some weirdly placed detail shots (ie. suit, dress, etc.). Full Film: I was similarly satisfied with this film, it followed the same template as the highlight reel but included more of the speeches, dances, etc. Similar minor issues with b&w and detail choices. Raw Video: I was very satisfied to receive the raw video, I got to see my full first dance and father-daughter dance, and reminisce about the party. One cam was mostly set down facing the dance floor, while the other was a little more directed. Photos: I was somewhat satisfied with the photos. I don't think we got one great shot of my husband and I kissing, or even a super great shot of us together being romantic. I think we could have used more direction from them. That being said, we were sent 2,500 photos and there were a lot of really good ones. They also did a great job of ensuring each group of people (me and my parents, me with my brothers, etc.) were captured. Photobook: I was very satisfied with the photobook, it's a cute add-on and it makes me happy to flip through it. Overall we got tons of really good content out of Expand. Better video than photos in my opinion, and overall I would say they were worth their price.

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