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Anthera floral is a full-service floral design company with 10 years of experience flowering weddings in the pacific northwest. We’re inspired by nature, led by color and texture, artfully designed to be totally unique, sprinkled with a little romance and whimsy, but above and beyond—centered on our cherished clients. Our dearest hope is to combine our experience and expertise with your vision—together creating a floralscape that adds an element of fresh, natural botanical beauty to your wedding.

Anthera Floral is one of the wedding florists in Seattle and offers wedding floral design services.

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Wedding Floral Design Packages and Prices

We are happy to put together a package for you. The exact price depends on several factors such as the date of the event, specific services included, number of hours spent at the event, etc.

Most packages and pricing can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Click below to get a personalized quote.

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Jan 22 '22 at 08:43 PM
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Flowers at a wedding are like makeup on a face. Just like a face won’t look “ready” without make up, a venue won’t look ready for a wedding without flowers, no matter how nice that venue might be. And just like how the right application of makeup makes all the difference - e.g. Natalie Portman refined vs. Jersey Shore garish - the right kind of flowers can make all the difference for a wedding. Thankfully, we had Anthera to help with that. Just like well done makeup, the flowers were subtle and elegant, accentuating my sister’s beauty and the ambience of the space at the Four Seasons Hotel, rather than trying to create it all on its own. Thank you Melissa for creating a beautiful piece of floral art for my sister’s wedding- it was exactly what she had envisioned. We strongly recommend them to other prospective customers.

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