Natalia Simoes Beauty Artist in Vancouver, BC

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About Natalia Simoes Beauty Artist

In business since 2012

Despite being a Bachelor of law, Natalia has always had an artistic interest and found in Makeup and Hairstyling her natural talent. ​ Being encouraged by friends to take Makeup and Hairstyling as a profession, Natalia enrolled at Professional Makeup Courses and hasn't stopped developing her skills ever since. As well as, keeping up to date with Makeup and Hairstyling latest trends. ​ Natalia's makeup and Hairstyling for Brides excelled in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where she reached a Top level Status as a Makeup Artist, working with Destination Weddings and Bridals. In addition to Weddings, Natalia has done Editorials, Studio Photography, Movies and Self Makeup Classes a day-to-day work routine.

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  • Hair design
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  • Skin care