How to select a wedding tuxedo or a suit

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Should I buy or rent my wedding tuxedo?

Buy. Definitely buy. has a few reasons for that advice.

First, take care of yourself now. You're not very likely to go shopping for suits any time soon. But your career and business might take you to major corporate events or large Christmas parties later in life - invest in yourself this once.

Also, renting can be more expensive after you include all the fees and rates and calculate the total.

But the main reason is really that you do not want to be on a deadline after your wedding. If you rent, you will need to run back to the shop to return the clothing - wouldn't you rather just not worry about it? Those guys who rent tuxedos for their weddings quote this consistently as the top headache and chore after the wedding.

Also, for those who are thinking of heading straight to the honeymoon within a week or two after getting married - I guarantee you won't have time to return your rented tuxedo before you need to drive to the airport for that honeymoon getaway.

Wedding tuxedo pants

One thing that you'll notice right away is how thin and light the pants are in tuxedo sets - and that's good! You will be wearing the same pants the entire day, and it will be a long day. When selecting them, keep in mind that you'll probably wear them only once - ever. We at tend to hear a lot of arguments from future husbands that they want to select something "practical" that they'll be able to wear in the future too - not so fast! Most people never put their wedding tuxedos ever again - first there is no need, then they don't fit :)

No pull-ups or belts! Some people choose to go with pull-ups. Pull-ups ruin your photos (you will take off the jacket during the reception, and pull-ups will look very awkward).

Wear your wedding tuxedo like a pro (and avoid silly mistakes)

If you haven't worn a tux to the prom or another very formal event before, this one will surprise you: do not button all of the buttons. Always leave the lowest one open. Even if the tuxedo has only two buttons.

Many guys who wear the tux for the first time are shocked by this - and they often think they look sloppy if they do not button themselves up, especially at the altar. But that's how you wear a tux. Keep your hands off that lower button - we know you want to button it too!

Also, make sure none of the groomsmen wear a tux - it's a very common mistake! You cannot believe how often it is not really clear from afar who is the one getting married ;) You should be the only one who is wearing a tuxedo - all others put on a suit.

What about cuff links?

Some people "must have" them, some people don't care. If you want a perfect finishing touch, check them out. There are usually some really good ones out there. Most general stores have them - but prepare to pay disproportionately large prices for such small pieces of your wedding wardrobe.

The pressure

Finally, buying a suit in some places may sometimes seem more stressful than buying a car. Well, maybe not really, but many of the salespeople are on the commission, so they will want you to buy stuff if they spend plenty of time with you trying various options.

Be cognizant of that fact and use their time wisely.

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