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Magnolia Bakery wedding vendor preview

Magnolia Bakery


In 1996, Magnolia Bakery opened its first location on a quiet street corner in the heart of New York City’s West Village. From its inception, Magnolia Bakery has been cherished for its classic American baked goods, vintage decor and warm, inviting atmosphere. We are also pleased to offer nationwide shipping for a variety of products, including freshly baked cupcakes, cookies, brownies and bars, as well as corporate gift packages and seasonal assortments.

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Milk Bar wedding vendor preview

Milk Bar


All of our wedding cakes are produced exactly the same way as all of our cakes at milk bar. Each layer has unfrosted sides to highlight all of the delicious fillings inside! Our cakes are never covered in fondant or buttercream. We make 1-6 tier cakes in any combination of cake flavors. We let you choose how the tiers are layered. All tiered and party cakes come on a stainless steel platter. For your wedding, you can choose to decorate your cake with flowers to match your bou...

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A White Cake wedding vendor preview

A White Cake


My name is Lauren Bohl White, I live in NYC, and I simply love baking cakes. Streamlined and elegant, ornate and fanciful…I adore them all equally. We offer flavors and fillings as sweet or spicy as the married couple-to-be, using only the very best ingredients and if you’re searching for something not on the list, just let us know. We’ll find a way to create your unique flavor combination.

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Loveletter Cakeshop wedding vendor preview

Loveletter Cakeshop


Loveletter Cakeshop was born from a belief that on your big day, you shouldn't have to compromise. Your guests are our guests, and we are committed to creating cakes that look and taste spectacular. From the ingredients we select to the time we take crafting our designs, our focus on quality guides everything that we do. We know that marriage is full of compromises; your wedding cake won’t be one of them. That’s the Loveletter promise.

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Nine Cakes wedding vendor preview

Nine Cakes


Cakes are the centerpieces of any special event, and Nine Cakes stands out with clean designs, modern silhouettes, and a twist of playful and romantic charm. Nine Cakes is a boutique cake studio in Brooklyn, New York specializing in decadently delicious cakes with elegant, handcrafted designs. The simple ingredients of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cream turn into the most glorious cake layers and fillings. With well balanced layers of flavors, a cloud like Italian meringu...

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Empire Cake wedding vendor preview

Empire Cake


Empire Cake brings you the best in American baking with a gourmet twist. We feature fresh-baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breakfast pastries, brownies and bars, and sophisticated versions of classic snack treats, including our own “twinkies,” “snowballs” and Swiss rolls. Our custom-designed cakes range from traditional tiered wedding cakes to one-of-a-kind creations for birthdays and other celebrations, corporate events and promotions, and advertising and fashion editorials. ...

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Betty Bakery wedding vendor preview

Betty Bakery


A touch of retro and modern, the Betty is a tribute to all that is mid-century mien and deliciousness; baked goods like the treats that used to come out of our grandma’s kitchen but with an updated twist. So whether your wedding party is an intimate party of 25 or a shindig for 500 guests, we’re happy to create the wedding cake of your dreams. We pride ourselves on making beautiful cakes both inside and out.

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Silk Cakes wedding vendor preview

Silk Cakes


Chef Judy Lai started her company, Silk Cakes in 2009. Fully American and yet markedly Asian, she created Silk Cakes to bridge these two identities by infusing Asian ingredients such as black sesame and green tea into familiar American desserts such as cupcakes. Silk Cakes is a modern Asian American cake shop showcasing inventive Asian inspired desserts.

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CMNY Cakes wedding vendor preview

CMNY Cakes


CMNY Cakes is a specialty cakes company run by the mother and son team Mona and Ro. Mona handles most of the business affairs and takes the lead on most wedding cakes while Ro is in charge of marketing and artistically oversees the majority of the sculpted and occasion cakes. Together with Mona and Ro, culinary meets artistry.

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Atelier Sucre

Atelier Sucre's


The best food comes from the freshest ingredients, and pastry chefs are tasked with transforming these ingredients into something so wonderful. Whether you're hosting an event with friends, a wedding party, or a romantic dinner, Chef Simon can come to you (with a cherry on top!)

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If your reception venue allows for you to bring in outside catering, cake designer and/or provide your own alcohol, this section is for you! Read our Related Articles section to learn about how to host an open bar and how exotic you can make your menu. Download instructions and templates on how to build your own cocktails and liquor section, create signature drinks and more.

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