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In many cases, your MC will be responsible for announcing and running / coordinating the entertainment program at your wedding. If you've hired a professional MC, they will likely already have a set of activities in mind and will customize their wedding program to your tastes - just let them know what you want to see at your wedding.

If, on the other hand, you've asked your friends to be your MC, look through some typical entertainment activities we've included below based on the top choices among other users. The list might help your MC get a jumpstart on brainstorming the entertainment and create the best possible entertainment experience for you and your guests.

Wedding Games

Wedding games are often played throughout the reception. For instance, wedding games could fill in the breaks between meal courses served at your reception. As the plates are being cleared and replaced, and as the next course arrives, the MC will announce the beginning of the new "set" of wedding games and ask for volunteers from the audience.

To ensure best audience participation, ask a couple of your close friends to "volunteer" for the first couple of games just to break the ice ahead of time - a couple days before the wedding. In addition, remember to reward the winner at the end of each game. The reward should not be an expensive gift; a chocolate bar or a bottle of champagne would be enough to encourage more people to join in. Below are a few ideas for the wedding games to try at your wedding. Feel free to use a feedback form below to send us more examples to add!

Wedding reception game "Melt the Ice" (literally!)

Guests are divided into two teams. Each team gets an ice cube. The goal of each team on the count of three is to melt their ice cube faster than the competition. The only requirement is that people on the team must pass the ice cube to each other without holding onto it for longer than 5 seconds (otherwise, a 10 second time penalty applies). Melting the ice cube can be done in any way: breathing on it, holding between palms, rubbing it, etc. The winner is the team that melts their ice cube the fastest.

Wedding reception game "Liquid Moves"

Two glasses, one empty and one filled with water, are placed in front of each participant. The goal of the game is to use only a straw to remove the contents of the full glass (preferably into the other glass) as quickly as possible. As an option, you may use alcohol instead of the water - of course, in this case, there is a chance that by the end of the game, both glasses will end up empty :)

Wedding reception game "Tails"

Each participant gets a "tail" (a piece of long rope tied around the waist with the other end tied to a balloon). The end of the tail (the balloon) must be lying on the floor. The goal of the game is to "step" (and pop) on the balloons of the other participants while protecting your own tail. If your balloon is popped, you lose and must immediately leave the "battlefield." The winner is the last one standing.

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