Wedding Planning Timelines, Checklists and Templates

How to get started

When we were planning our own wedding, we were also struggling with bits and pieces until we fixed one thing: a reception venue. Immediately, that narrowed down choice of ceremony locations, and we reserved our ceremony venue.

After that, planning started moving: we could price a photographer and catering. The biggest rocks were out of the way; guests were invited. Next came the dress / the tux, the rings and the limo.

Our advice: fix the big things first (sites/venues), everything else will snap to those.

Wedding Planning Timeline and a Checklist

12-9 Months Before the Wedding

Hire (or do not hire!) a wedding planner
Tour and select a ceremony site
Book a reception venue

9-6 Months Before the Wedding

Pick a wedding dress
Interview and select a photographer
Hire a videographer
Sample and decide on a caterer
Order a wedding cake

6-3 Months Before the Wedding

Do an engagement photoshoot
Find the rings

3 Months Before the Wedding

Select a limousine service

2 Months Before the Wedding

Create a playlist and download your favorite songs

1 Month Before the Wedding

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

One Week Before the Wedding

Two Days Before the Wedding

The Day Before the Wedding

The Day of The Wedding!

3 Days After the Wedding

1 Week After the Wedding

30 Days After the Wedding

Arrange for the dress to be cleaned and preserved - or do a trash-the-dress photoshoot!

Half a Year After the Wedding

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