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Photo Slide Show During the Wedding Reception

There is something magical and touching about sharing your childhood memories with your friends and family. It has almost become a tradition for the couple (or someone on their behalf, such as the Maid Of Honor) to put together a photo slide show featuring the couple's childhood pictures and followed by a series of photos showcasing the couple's first days, months, or years together and culminating with the pictures of the wedding preparations and possibly even a few pictures of the wedding ceremony taken earlier that day (oh, the wonders of digital photography and media).

Don't know where to start? Many of our users here on Wedding Venture . com recommend using a Photo Gallery feature of Windows Live (it's free) to create a visual photo slideshow quickly. Similar software is available from all kinds of vendors for many platforms.

Here are a few tips on photo slide shows for your wedding from "expert" brides:

  1. Accompany your slide show by music

    It would even be better if the lyrics actually went with the pictures. Pick 3 or 4 different songs to "partition" your slide show into 3 or 4 logical sections. Each song would pertain to a particular period of your lives shown in pictures. We have some ideas for the background music for your wedding reception or dinner slide show. For instance, play something light when showing your early childhood photos, and then play something slower and more romantic when switching to the pictures of when the two of you first met.
  2. Keep your slide show short

    We know you and your mother can probably leaf through your childhood pictures all day long, and if you try, you can keep it down to an hour or two. That is not true for your guests, so keep your slide show to about 5-7 minutes.
  3. Test your slide show ahead of time

    Make sure to test run the slide show at least once on the audio / video equipment you will actually be using at your wedding. Not only may the AV equipment be broken, it may be that the current equipment settings will cause your slide show not to display correctly. For instance, in case of Jill & Patrick's wedding, as an example, the music ended up not playing and even through the slide show was running, due to incorrect resolution the top and bottom of each picture was cut off - so the guests were subjected to 5 minutes of viewing of unknown headless and legless bodies.
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