Most Popular Wedding Accessories

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Most Popular Wedding Accessories

The star of your wedding ensemble is, of course, your dress. It’s the accessories, however, that can make or break this leading role. Choose them with care.

There are many things to consider when you accessorize for your wedding – jewelry, shoes, veil, and much more. Everything looks so pretty, how to do decide? The foremost rule is, be true to yourself. If your style is boho-chic, you may not feel comfortable in pearls, but you’ll shine in feather earrings. The second rule is, don’t overdo it. If you have an amazing beaded dress, keep the accessories simple to let the dress shine. Conversely, a simpler dress is the perfect canvass for something a bit more daring and bold.

Decide what is important. If you opt for signature jewelry, long gloves, bold neckline, and fussy shoes, too much visual activity will distract from you. If your hair is elaborately styled, chose a pair of simple earrings. To complement a simpler style, go for either a bold veil or jewelry, but not both. Pins that match the style of your dress are a lovely way to keep your tresses in place. -Your entire look should flow in unison instead of competing for attention.

When it comes to shoes, you have many options, but keep comfort in mind. The gown will most likely cover them most of the time, and you’ll be doing a lot a dancing. Do you want to suffer in 5-inch stilettos?

You can’t go wrong by staying close to your non-wedding style. Are you a jeans and sneakers kind of girl? Go easy on the fuss and heavy on the simple. Are you the one who sets the fashion trend in your group? You’ll feel comfortable a bit closer to the edge.

Whatever your style, your wedding look should reflect who you are. It’s your day. You want to look your absolute best.

Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings

It all about feathers this year. Feather earrings made from soft leather is what the Boho bride is wearing. Fun with a touch of sophistication, these earrings will enhance any wedding gown. Get a pair in white, or make your look pop with a different color.

Wedding Gloves

Wedding Gloves

White gloves, especially the fingerless type, add the most awesome touch. Made of lace and satin, they hark back to a more glamorous era. And what a way to show off your new ring! The tiny pearls will go perfectly with an elegant pearl necklace. It’s a grand look for when you really want to make a statement.

Pearl Hairpin

Pearl Hairpin

Speaking of pearls, pearl hairpins are definitely trending. They have always been popular for their beauty and innocence. How better to show off your beautiful hair on your wedding day than with these pearl hairpins. Elegance and class to highlight your wedding coiffure. Make sure your wedding stylist sees the hairpins before your wedding day to allow him or her to create the best hairstyle.

Bridal Clutch

Bridal Clutch

Your wedding bag doesn’t have to be white. Add a touch of color with this silver clutch. It’s made of satin with a delicate rose design. Unique and modern, it’s for the bride who wants that special look and knows how to create it.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

These glittery, sparkly shoes will have you walking down the aisle in grand style. The small heel guarantees comfort while you dance the night away. No sore toes on your wedding night. Just a bit of sparkle your prince can remove after a long day.


Wedding Veil

Long veils can be cumbersome, and some can look old-fashioned. This short, modern veil made from tulle and laced throughout with pearls puts a twist on tradition. It’s demure with a wink. Perfect for the modern bride. All you need is a pearl necklace to create a look of enchantment.


Naughty and nice, this lacy garter will be the first piece of your clothing your new husband removes on your wedding day. He’ll toss it to his single friends, who, hopefully, will be as lucky as him in their choice of spouse. The cute, blue stones adds a lovely touch. The garter gets removed at the reception, so check out some wedding venues ideal for starting the disrobing process.


Asos Bodysuit

The wrong undergarment can ruin the most perfect wedding dress. Don’t let that happen to you. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is your underwear. This strapless, sheer white bodysuit complements any dress. The straps are removeable, and it’s backless, so no worries. Beauty and comfort all in one piece. Check and see how perfect it is for any wedding dress.


White Corset

This sexy white corset keeps you tucked and smooth. Comfortable to wear, you can enjoy all the slimming benefits of a corset and still dance the night away. What’s underneath certainly does count.


Spanx Bodysuit

Even Scarlett O’Hara needed help getting into her dress. For the ultimate in smooth, try this Spanx bodysuit and enjoy your curves. The bodysuit guarantees that your wedding dress takes center stage with a flawless look.


Bhldn Sassari Necklace

When it comes to wedding jewelry, you want something elegant that won’t overshadow the dress. This necklace is simple, yet gorgeous. Exactly what you want to accessorize your wedding look. Keep in mind that silver works best on an all-white dress, while gold can flatter a dress that is blush-colored or off-white.


Bhldn Pearldrop Halo

No tiara or pins. A beautiful halo creates a flawless crown of pearls to offset your hair and dress. He’ll see an angel coming down the aisle toward him. This halo looks great with any length hair.

Shoes with Heels

Bhldn Victoria Pumps

Dancing on cloud nine … Sometimes you want sensible shoes, other times you want to reach for the stars. These lace high-heeled pumps will get you moving. Delicate, with a ribbon at the heel, these shoes are the ultimate in wedding wear.

Hoop Earrings

Nordstrom Hoop Earrings

Traditional and elegant, these hoop earrings make a subtle statement – you know who you are and what you want. You’ll love these sparkly gems with a bridal updo. Your stylist knows how to display them to their best advantage and make you look like a princess.

Long Cathedral Veil

Nordstrom Long Cathedral Veil

A young woman named Meaghan Markle just made long veils the ultimate in wedding trends. Envelop yourself in a soft cloud for that walk toward your husband-to-be. He already knows you’re an angel. Now, you’ll look like one, as well. This type of veil is bold, so be sure to keep the other accessories understated.


Nordstrom Belt

Instead of a dress with beading, opt for simple satin dress and an elegant belt to show off that wasp waist. It beautifully displays the dress and focuses on your figure. There is no more glamorous and sophisticated way to walk toward to altar.

Feather Comb

Nordstrom Feather Comb

Pearls and feathers are this year’s must-haves, and nothing will show of waves of soft curls like this blush-hued feather comb. For the bride who is unique, fun, and confident. If your style is naturally casual, this comb is for you.

Blue Earrings

Amazon Blue Earrings

You’ve just found your something blue. These antique-themed blue drop earrings are designed to add color and panache to your wedding look. The perfect match for a blue clutch for a bit of a heavenly aura.