10 Chic Minimalist Wedding Invitation Ideas: Perfect Wedding Invitations (Updated for 2024)

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Perfect Wedding Invitations: 10 Chic Minimalistic Wedding Invitation Ideas

Minimalism has been a major movement lately and it’s trending in the wedding industry too. Whether you actively choose to live a minimalist lifestyle all the time or just want to have a simple wedding, you can use a minimalistic style to design a trendy wedding. Make the focus of your wedding on you and your groom-to-be without distractions from an elaborate dress or extravagant and overly colorful decorations.

Go with a black and white theme and choose minimalistic styles for small details like your wedding invitations which will still look stunning with a minimalist design but will draw all of the attention to the wedding couple rather than scrutiny over your choice of invitation. If you are considering minimalistic wedding invitations, here are 10 chic ideas to get you started.

Modern Geometrics

Geometric patterns and outlines provide a stylish and modern background design for your wedding invitations. Try simple geometric outlines in a neutral or metallic color with your wedding details in elegant script on top of the background pattern. Your guests will be amazed by the beautiful simplicity of this wedding invitation design.

How to create wedding invitations

Neutral Palettes

Neutral colors will always be a classic choice, especially for weddings where a white wedding dress is the center of attention, at least during the wedding ceremony. For beautiful minimalistic wedding invitation cards, pair neutral palettes with timeless calligraphy to wow your wedding guests. Neutral wedding invitations can be in shades of black, white, gray, or even a few light pastel colors.

Focus on Typography

The words on your wedding invitations are the most important part. They tell your wedding guests whose wedding they’re being invited to, the location, time, and date, etc. To highlight those details while still maintaining a minimalistic invitation, focus on typography and the wedding invitation wording. A plain white wedding invitation can still look beautiful if you take the time to choose a beautiful and elegant font like handwritten calligraphy or perfectly printed cursive. Plus, beautiful typography makes for a chic minimalist invitation at very little cost! Consider this option if you are looking for cheap wedding invitations because you can even create them yourself.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring and rose gold provides a luxe look that balances minimalism with feminine colors

Rose Gold

Rose Quartz was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016 so rose gold wedding invitations makes for a very modern and stylish design choice. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring and rose gold provides a luxe look that balances minimalism with feminine colors. Try rose gold embossing in a pretty font for your invitation wording or use rose gold for the invitation background to create beautiful minimalist invitations.

Watercolor Wash

Watercolor backgrounds in pastel colors elevate a wedding invitation from simple to gorgeous and provide a colorful spin on the minimalistic trend. Try a pale blue or pink watercolor design on a plain white invitation to add some color in a simple and understated way. If you’re artsy, you can even create watercolor invitations yourself for a cheaper wedding invitation option, then print your wedding information over the watercolor or send them out for handwritten calligraphy.

Simple Black and White

Black and white will always be considered minimalist colors which make them perfect for a simple yet trendy wedding invitation. Try this Black & White Monogram Invitation set complete with monogrammed initials at the top set over a black and white floral design. The set comes with 50 each of pockets, envelopes, invitations and envelopes seals.

Black And White Monogram Invitation


Florals always make for a beautiful wedding style from invitations to wedding dresses, to decorations and wedding favors. The natural look and smell of flowers is a nice touch to a minimalist style. If you are incorporating floral designs and real flowers into your minimalist wedding, try this Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Kit with a pink paper wrap, invitations, thank you cards, and envelopes.

 Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Kit


Calligraphy is a beautiful addition to any wedding invitation. It’s a romantic script and a much-appreciated touch to the typography of a wedding invitation, especially when written by hand. Write out your calligraphy in simple black for a sophisticated and minimalistic theme because black never goes out of style.


Metallic invitations always look stylish and festive, especially this year with rose gold trending. Try silver or gold embossing or a metallic outline to add a little something extra to your invitations while still keeping them minimalistic chic.

  • Silver: If you are thinking about silver wedding invitations, try this Silver Wedding Invitation with a silver foil border and linked heart design. The invitation kit includes matching invitations, RSVP cards, and envelopes.

Silver Wedding Invitation


Monograms are always in fashion and make for a simple but royal addition to a wedding invitation. Have the initials of you and your groom-to-be stamped or embossed onto the top of an invitation in any color you choose. Add a border in the same color for another sophisticated addition. Your monogrammed invitations will have a simple modern luxe look that goes great in any color on top of a white invitation to maintain a minimalist style.

Try lace, pearls, and white debossing or embossing on a white invitation for an all-white theme

White Details

All white details on a wedding invitation are the perfect way to keep a minimalistic theme while still making your invitations look elegant and romantic. Try lace, pearls, and white debossing or embossing on a white invitation for an all-white theme. This is an invitation style you can DIY if you are trying to save money while still maintaining a traditional and classic look.


Minimalist weddings are one of the coolest trends in the wedding industry at the moment. Elegant black and white wedding invitations and understated décor make for a simple but still glamorous wedding ceremony and wedding reception. If you want your wedding day style to have clean designs and neutral palettes, then a minimalist wedding is the way to go, complete with minimalist wedding invitations to match. For the perfect wedding invitations, look no further than our 10 ideas for chic minimalistic wedding invitations with plenty of options to choose from like glamorous metallic themes, pastel watercolors, black and white designs, and topography ideas galore. With our help, you’re sure to find a minimalist wedding invitation that suits your tastes.