Selecting an Aisle Runner for a Wedding Ceremony

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When it comes to decorations, an aisle runner is really a "nice to have" (can live without it). Technically, however, while an aisle runner is an optional item, its presence does make your ceremony appear more formal and lively. So, if your ceremony site does not provide for one, you can easily get an aisle runner from these sources:

Borrow an aisle runner.

Ask your friends, especially couples that recently got married, if they have an aisle runner that you could borrow (it's not an expensive item, around $40 - though exotic and custom ones that we discuss below can run up to $100 - and surprisingly many people have these). Even If your friends don't have one, they might know someone who does. You may also be able to borrow an aisle runner from your place of work (chances are your admin has one stored away from some corporate event) or the college that any of your friends or family may be attending (drama clubs might have one).

Rent an aisle runner.

If you are planning to rent furniture for your wedding, it's likely that the same place will have an aisle runner for you to rent as well. The good thing about renting an aisle runner is that once the wedding is over, you can return it instead of having it take up space in your garage (let's face it, there are very few occasions when that aisle runner will be used again). The bad thing about renting an aisle runner is that the total rental price will often be only slightly cheaper, if not the same, than the amount you would pay to buy one.

Buy an aisle runner.

Between buying and renting an aisle runner, we at recommend you buy one - no hassles with returning it by a deadline, but the price difference between the two options is likely to be minimal. There are a few good affordable aisle runners you could buy online for about the same price as you would pay to rent (and you could later sell the aisle runner to recoup some of the costs). We list some examples below.

Most common aisle runner styles:

Elegant - 100', about $40: Wedding Fabric Aisle Runner - White with Flower Imprint

Church style - 100', around $35: Durable Northwest Aisle Runner, White in 36-Inch by 100-Feet size

Also, there are more elegant options that include customization and personalization, such as monograms.

Full customization - custom aisle runner

Signature lettering - aisle runner that appears to made specifically for your special event

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