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35 ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable

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35 ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable

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There is no shortage of information on how to put together a wedding. Books and blogs abound with information. This can certainly be helpful, but what about you? How do you have the type of wedding that is perfect for you? Sometimes, it’s not only okay to toss the rules out of the window. It can add something special and unique to the day. When it comes to planning your wedding, think less Miss Manners and Emily Post and concentrate more on you and your fiancé. This is your day. Every wedding has music, entertainment, and food. That’s expected. What makes a wedding memorable is the unexpected. Let more of you shine through the event and less of Emily Post. Here are some easy ways to make your wedding more exciting for everyone. It can be a day people won’t soon forget.


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