12 Creative Ideas for the Bridal Shower (Updated for 2024)

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12 Creative Ideas for the Bridal Shower

When you’re throwing a wedding shower, you want the occasion to be special. Prepare well in advance, send out the invitations, and remember that everyone invited to the shower gets an invitation to the wedding. The shower is usually given a month or so prior to the wedding. The bride’s personality should help you decide on a party theme, but keep in mind other guests, such as parents and grandparents, as well.

High Tea Bridal Shower

Very elegant, and remarkably easy to put together. A tea menu allows for an infinite amount of goodies, from scones, finger sandwiches, and all manner of cakes. Add a Selection Of Blended Teas, and you’re good to go. Break out the good china. Special bags of tea make a delightful party favor.

Selection Of Blended Teas

Mad Men Cocktail Party

Those mad men weren’t as enlightened as they could have been, but they were fun to watch. And the women were awesome. Time for some cocktails with some classic d’oeuvres, such as stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs. Retro-resale shops will provide the perfect cocktail dress. Bonus points (a prize?) for anyone wearing a girdle or white gloves. Fill the room with vintage 60s magazines such as LIFE from the library. Play 60s music, from Rosemary Clooney, Elvis, to the Beatles. Put on Chubby Checkers and do the twist. Ashtrays and cigarettes are a must but do provide chocolate cigs. Red lipsticks and a vintage cocktail glass make great favors. A Mad Men shower works beautifully for all-women or co-ed showers.

While the bride is the star of the shower, this one is fun for all

Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

While the bride is the star of the shower, this one is fun for all. You can go elaborate and send out two teams in separate limos to scavenge around town for some difficult-to-find items, or you can keep it simple, challenging individual guests to find things in their purses or at the venue. For a purse scavenger hunt, start out easy, with lipstick or compact, then make it more challenging, such as boiled egg or screwdriver. The person who has the most winning items gets a prize. Make sure there are enough photos of everyone to create a memorable scrapbook for the bride.

Celebrate l’amour the French style, where they’ve taken it to an art form

Parisian Bridal Shower

Celebrate l’amour the French style, where they’ve taken it to an art form. Decorate the venue with Eiffel Tower replicas, a French floral market cart and anything else that says francais. The food, of course, will be all about scrumptious pastries, baguettes, cheeses, and wine. Provide keychains with an Eiffel Tower insignia or a bottle of Bordeaux as party favors.

Black and White Bridal Shower

The classic pallet will always be in style. The bride-to-be can wear white (not her gown!), while the guests can show off their little black dresses. Decorate with black and white streamers, balloons and black vases filled with white flowers. Dessert can be a black and white cake and cookies with black white icing, all served on white china. Check the internet for Black And White Bubble Bath Bombs for fun party favors.

Black And White Bubble Bath Bombs

Nautical Shower

Hiring a yacht for a bridal shower incorporates fun and sightseeing at the same time. Keep your theme nautical by using anchors, seashells, palm trees, and sand as decorations. A blue and seashell-pink color theme is perfect. Serve mai tais, shrimp cocktails, and anchor-shaped cookies iced in blue. Dress can be casual or beachwear. Anchor-shaped key chains or bottle openers as party favors enhance the nautical theme.

Great Gatsby Shower

It doesn’t get more elegant than the 1920s, and this shower is all glam, glitz, and pearls. Chose an elegant location that captures the drama of the era. You won’t have to spend a fortune on the décor. One or two strategically placed vintage pieces and fun Photo Props will be perfect. Try inexpensive pearls in a few champagne glasses. A black and white ambiance can very elegant without breaking the bank. Outfits, of course, are flapper era, complete with headbands, feathers, and pearls. Check your local vintage shops for ideas. The food should be elegant, served with champagne, with some roaring jazz in the background. Make sure someone is taking black and white photographs. Present bottles of champagne or inexpensive antique jewelry as party favors. This shower is guaranteed to be the bee’s knees.

Photo Props

Karaoke Bridal Shower

Forget the pearls and little black dress. Go a little crazy, instead. Rent a karaoke machine or a room at a karaoke bar, lay out some booze, and the party takes off on its own. Extroverts will love performing, and the shy ones will come out of their shell. Who knew the receptionist at the office was a champion twerker? Watch the mother-of-the-bride get down and dirty with some Purple Rain. Ask the guests ahead of time what their guilty pleasure lyrics are. The menu should be bar-appropriate, with burgers, nachos, peanuts, and beer.

Spa Bridal Shower

Nothing says love like some indulgent pampering. If the budget allows, have the spa shower at an actual spa. Otherwise, make your home look and smell like a spa with with Scented Candles. Forget about huge floral arrangements and opts for just one or two flowers in a glass bowl filled with colorful rocks. Background music should be soothing. If you go to a salon, arrange for massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures before opening the gifts. For a home spa, buys lots of nail polish, facials, lotions and potions. Have the guests dressed comfortably; or else, why not make it a pajama party with PJs? Since this is a spa, keep the food healthy, such as salads and fresh vegetables with dips.Spa items will be greatly appreciated as shower favors.

Scented Candles

Lingerie Bridal Shower

A lingerie shower can be silk and lace, Frederick’s of Hollywood, or beyond. Keep the bride in mind when planning. Also, it’s a courtesy to check with the bride’s mother to ensure that no aunts or grandparents will need smelling salts at the sight of a leather thong. If that’s the case, keep it silky and lacey, but still go for sexy. A wine tasting, complete with assorted cheese platters, can serve as refreshments. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a sexy dessert. Bra-shaped cookies are cute, so is a male-genitalia-shaped cake for the leather-thong crowd. Use your best judgment. Decorate the house with lace and all types of ribbons. String up some feather boas as garlands. Depending on the guests, arrange to watch either Bridesmaids or Fifty Shades of Grey.

She may live in the city, but she’s a country girl at heart

Rustic Country Bridal Shower

She may live in the city, but she’s a country girl at heart. For the perfect rustic wedding shower, think gingham tablecloth and napkins, with a flower-filled guitar centerpiece. Place mason jars filled with baby’s breath around the room. Entice the guests with BBQ, potato salad, and corn on the cob. Play a wide array of country music, from Mimi Pearl to Reba while having fun line dancing. Provide mason jars or a variety sampler of jams and jellies as favor.

Kitchen Bridal Shower

It’s all about the kitchen. Include a recipe card with each invitation to get the bride off on her collection. Incorporate utensils such as spatulas and wooden spoons with blenders and food processors into centerpieces. Any flowers will do, but pots of fresh herbs will fill the room with a divine aroma. Have everyone take part in food preparation, from chopping to icing cupcakes. If possible, have a personal chef give a cooking demonstration and devour the results. Packages with herbs and spices make an appropriate shower favor. The most important element of any bridal shower is fun. Keep that mind, and the day will be a tremendous success.