12 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever (Updated for 2021)

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Your wedding day is one of the most special days in life. Make sure those memories don’t fade by capturing photos and video that will last forever. There are so many ways to make your wedding memories last from photos to a videographer to guest books.

Make sure to let your friends and family join in making your memories last by renting a photo booth for them to take silly pictures in and letting them write their happy wishes and advice to you in a guest book or on wedding favors. And last but not least, find ways to display your beautiful wedding memories in your home.

Consider these top 12 ways to make your wedding memories last forever.

Wedding Photo Booth

You’ll have plenty of photos from your wedding day to choose from if you hire a photographer, but pictures from a photo booth are so much more special and unique. Your wedding guests will have a blast playing with photo props and making funny faces in a photo booth, capturing all of the fun from your wedding reception.

Create an area next to the photo booth for your guests to leave copies of the pictures they take so you can keep them forever.

1. Wedding Photo Booth Rental: Remembering to rent the wedding photo booth is the most important part. Once that’s done, don’t forget to decorate the Wedding Photo Booth with these double-sided wedding themed cards with messages like “Team Bride” and “Party Animal.” It will encourage your guests to have fun with their photos so you have silly memories to look back on and proof that your guests had a wonderful time.


2. Provide Photo Booth Props: A photo booth is incomplete without fun props for your wedding guests to play with. Try these wedding themed props for your guests to use as they take photos to capture memories from your special day.

3. Photo Album: Make sure your guests have a place to leave the photos they take in the booth then put them all into a photo album after the wedding so you can treasure them forever. You’ll love looking back at pictures of your friends and family enjoying your wedding day and acting silly.

Wedding Video

In addition to wedding photos, a wedding video is a great way to capture memories from your wedding day. Videographers can put together beautiful videos from the entire day including getting ready, the wedding ceremony, and the reception.

You should also consider a fun way to end the video. Sparkler celebrations have become a popular option and make a great wedding favor for your guests.

The video will last forever and it captures the live action of the day, so this is a truly great option for making sure your wedding memories never fade.

4. Hire a Videographer: Everyone hires a photographer for their wedding, but you might also want to

You’ll have plenty of photos from your wedding day to choose from if you think about hiring a videographer. A wedding video is such a fun way to capture memories of your special day. Make it a tradition to watch the video every year on your wedding anniversary as a reminder of how special that day was and why you got married with all of your friends and family there to celebrate.



5. Sparkler Celebration: A sparkler celebration is a beautiful way to end a wedding video. Hand out sparklers to each of your guests as a wedding favor and have the videographer capture footage of the newlywed couple running through a tunnel of your guests holding sparklers above their heads.

Wedding Accessories

No wedding is complete without decorative accessories and wedding favors for your guests to enjoy. Select accessories and favors that also allow you to save memories of your wedding day, not just items for your guests to take home.

You can leave advice coasters on the reception tables for your guests to fill out and have each of them sign a guest book so you have a record of everyone who attended.

6. Get Wedding Wishes Advice Coasters: No wedding reception is complete without a few wedding favors and accessories for your guests to enjoy. Let guests have fun with these Wedding Wishes Advice Coasters for them to wish you a happy marriage with loving notes and advice.

7. Wedding Guest Book: Most weddings have a guest book at the entrance to the reception for your guests to sign. You can go with a traditional option or have fun with the guest book by choosing something unique like a vintage map or re-purposed wine bottles. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s long lasting so you can keep a record of your wedding guests and their special notes to you forever.

Wedding Photos

There will be tons of photos from your wedding day for you to keep forever. Between a wedding photographer, photo booth, and your guests’ photos, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Photos last forever and make beautiful decorations in your home to keep memories from your wedding on display at all times.

8. Hire a Photographer: Make sure to hire a photographer to take pictures of the entire day. They’ll capture photos of you getting ready, of the wedding rings, the ceremony, and throughout the reception for special moments like cutting the cake and your first dance. These are moments you don’t want to miss, and a photographer will make sure to take pictures of it all so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

9. Create an Online Photo Book: Creating an online photo book is a great way to save memories from your wedding day. They are easy to create using websites like Mixbook or Shutterfly and you can combine pictures from the photographer and wedding guests. Store them all in one convenient photo book so you can flip through them whenever you want.

Preserve Your Wedding Memories at Home

After the wedding, keep the memories on display at home as a reminder of your special day. They make great decorations in a new home or updated decorations to a home you already share together. There are so many options from framing wedding pictures to creating a shadow box of special items to creating a coffee table picture book of photos from the day.

10. Frame Wedding Pictures: Framed wedding pictures look beautiful in any home. Hang them in the living room or above the bed to have those special memories surrounding you at all times. You’ll have plenty of picture options to choose from after your photographer returns them to you.

11. Shadow Box of Special Items: Creating a shadow box of special items from your wedding day is a beautiful way to display those happy memories. Include items like flower petals from your bouquet, your something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and a few photos.

12. Display Photo Book: If you decide to create a photo book of special memories from your wedding day, a great way to keep the photos on hand at home is to display it as a book on your coffee table. You can flip through it every once in a while when you’re feeling nostalgic and guests will love to look at it when they come to visit.


Your wedding day will fly by; make sure you don’t let those memories fade once it’s over. You want to remember that special day for the rest of your life and there are a lot of ways you can make sure those memories always stay fresh. Hire help to capture memories throughout the day like a photo booth, photographer, and videographer.

Use wedding accessories and favors like advice coasters and a guest book for fun items to look back on later. Most importantly, keep those beautiful memories on display in your home once your wedding day has passed so you never forget what a special day it was with your new partner and family and friends by your side.