12 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

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Wedding Video

In addition to wedding photos, a wedding video is a great way to capture memories from your wedding day. Videographers can put together beautiful videos from the entire day including getting ready, the wedding ceremony, and the reception.

You should also consider a fun way to end the video. Sparkler celebrations have become a popular option and make a great wedding favor for your guests.

The video will last forever and it captures the live action of the day, so this is a truly great option for making sure your wedding memories never fade.

4. Hire a Videographer: Everyone hires a photographer for their wedding, but you might also want to

You’ll have plenty of photos from your wedding day to choose from if you think about hiring a videographer. A wedding video is such a fun way to capture memories of your special day. Make it a tradition to watch the video every year on your wedding anniversary as a reminder of how special that day was and why you got married with all of your friends and family there to celebrate.



5. Sparkler Celebration: A sparkler celebration is a beautiful way to end a wedding video. Hand out sparklers to each of your guests as a wedding favor and have the videographer capture footage of the newlywed couple running through a tunnel of your guests holding sparklers above their heads.

Wedding Accessories

No wedding is complete without decorative accessories and wedding favors for your guests to enjoy. Select accessories and favors that also allow you to save memories of your wedding day, not just items for your guests to take home.

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