12 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

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You can leave advice coasters on the reception tables for your guests to fill out and have each of them sign a guest book so you have a record of everyone who attended.

6. Get Wedding Wishes Advice Coasters: No wedding reception is complete without a few wedding favors and accessories for your guests to enjoy. Let guests have fun with these Wedding Wishes Advice Coasters for them to wish you a happy marriage with loving notes and advice.

7. Wedding Guest Book: Most weddings have a guest book at the entrance to the reception for your guests to sign. You can go with a traditional option or have fun with the guest book by choosing something unique like a vintage map or re-purposed wine bottles. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s long lasting so you can keep a record of your wedding guests and their special notes to you forever.

Wedding Photos

There will be tons of photos from your wedding day for you to keep forever. Between a wedding photographer, photo booth, and your guests’ photos, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Photos last forever and make beautiful decorations in your home to keep memories from your wedding on display at all times.

8. Hire a Photographer: Make sure to hire a photographer to take pictures of the entire day. They’ll capture photos of you getting ready, of the wedding rings, the ceremony, and throughout the reception for special moments like cutting the cake and your first dance. These are moments you don’t want to miss, and a photographer will make sure to take pictures of it all so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

9. Create an Online Photo Book: Creating an online photo book is a great way to save memories from your wedding day. They are easy to create using websites like Mixbook or Shutterfly and you can combine pictures from the photographer and wedding guests. Store them all in one convenient photo book so you can flip through them whenever you want.

Preserve Your Wedding Memories at Home

After the wedding, keep the memories on display at home as a reminder of your special day. They make great decorations in a new home or updated decorations to a home you already share together. There are so many options from framing wedding pictures to creating a shadow box of special items to creating a coffee table picture book of photos from the day.

10. Frame Wedding Pictures: Framed wedding pictures look beautiful in any home. Hang them in the living room or above the bed to have those special memories surrounding you at all times. You’ll have plenty of picture options to choose from after your photographer returns them to you.

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