15 Things You Are Most Likely To Run Out Of During The Wedding

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3. Exotic Cocktails

This is applicable to you only if you're making a self-serve bar and will not be hosting a professional crew of bartenders. What cocktails should you serve? Vodka and rum are easy to predict - but what to mix them with? When we were getting married recently, this task was easy. Daniel happens to be a state-licensed bartender. He was trained using this book, but it's now a bit old and out of print - you can get a The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender or at a local library, for example. Create a list of 7 cocktails - that the two of you, the engaged couple, like the most - those will make your "signature" cocktails - HIS and HERS. Another 5 should be the five most common cocktails (see the most popular wedding cocktails) - just provide your guests with instructions, and let them have a good choice of what to drink.

2. Patience

Anyone who's gone through the wedding themselves will tell you this: things will go wrong (see our article called "17 things that go wrong most often during the wedding"). People will be late. Electronics won't cooperate. You'll run out of time.

However, don't let that make you forget the main purpose of your day. One of the biggest surprises that our readers report is how quickly the wedding day goes for them - all they remember is waking up and then the day is already over! So spend this day on yourself, and ignore everything that does not go according to the plan.

Relax and go with it. It's your day after all.

1. Champagne

Yes, this is the top #1 item that wedding couples report running out of. We were going to put "Patience" (#2 above) as #1 since it causes the most stress, but champagne is literally what most couples run out of the fastest.

Your guests will be drinking champagne as they wait first for the ceremony to begin and then during the cocktail hour as they wait for the reception to start. You and your guests will be drinking champagne as you toast throughout the evening. By the time the cake is served, you will realize you're completely out of champagne. So plan for about three times the amount of champagne that you're initially planning to have (it's ok not to make every bottle Veuve Clicquot and opt for Costco-sold champagne). That way you definitely won't run out.

Happy planning your wedding!

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