17 Little Things That Will Make Your Wedding Day Special (Updated for 2021)

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Your wedding day is something you will remember for the rest of your life, so be sure to make it special and unique to you. Oftentimes, little things are the most memorable and can make a big difference in making your day feel special. Focus on the details when it comes to things like invitations, wedding favors, decorations, and adding your own unique traditions. Personalize the details whenever you can to make your wedding feel unique to you, and to let your guests and loved ones feel more involved. There are so many tiny details that go into creating a wedding day and you can get started with these 17 little things to make your wedding day special.

Fun Wedding Invitation Additions

Add a fun twist to traditional Save the Date cards and wedding invitations to get your guests excited about your big day. Small, simple touches will impress your guests and make them more appreciative for being invited to participate in such a momentous occasion.

1. ‘Tying the Knot’ Cards: This easy twist on “Save the Date” cards is a cute and unique way to let your friends and family know you are planning your wedding. With a piece of string inside the card that ties into a knot when opened, your guests will enjoy a fun new take on this old tradition. Order hand-made samples here, ~$66.


2. RSVP Card Including Song Request: Boost your wedding song playlist with suggestions from your guests, plus it’s a guarantee that you’ll play music they want to dance to by adding a line for song requests to the bottom of your RSVP cards!

Creative Wedding Guest Favors

Thank your wedding guests for coming and allow them to feel involved in your special day with carefully selected wedding favors. Small gestures are always appreciated, and wedding favors don’t just have to be something for them to take home. Let your wedding guests have fun with favors that allow them to give you marriage advice, share funny or loving stories, and send you off in celebration!

3. Wedding Favor Ribbon Candy Boxes: Use these beautiful white iridescent ribbon candy boxes with ribbon ties to hand out as favors to your guests. Fill them with confetti, mints, or anything else your guests might enjoy!

Wedding candy boxes as table decorations or favors

4. Bubbles Reception: Instead of confetti or rice, consider handing out mini bottles of bubbles as a wedding favor for your guests to blow as you leave the ceremony as newlyweds.

5. Sparklers Sendoff: Similar to the bubbles reception, hand out sparklers to all of your wedding guests to hold over their heads as you and your newlywed run under them as you leave your reception. Capture it on video for a great ending to your wedding video and snap some beautiful and colorful photos of you with all of your wedding guests. Get yours here, under $40 .

6. Romantic and Witty Wedding Favors: Let your wedding guests enjoy a good joke with some funny wedding favors like “The Perfect Match” match boxes or a box of mints labeled “Mint To Be.” These simple favors will give your guests a laugh, and they’ll remember your beautiful wedding day every time they use those favors in the future.

7. Marriage Advice Coasters: Rather than plain, boring old coasters, give your wedding guests something fun to do at the reception with Marriage Advice coasters. Have “Marriage Advice” printed at the top of the coasters with a few lines below for your guests to fill in and leave for you at the end of the night. They’ll have fun filling them out and you’ll get a few laughs and hopefully some sage advice when you read them after the wedding.

Keepsake Guest Book

A wedding reception isn’t complete without a keepsake guest book to keep track of who attended. Choose a beautiful book, or even consider creating your own full of photos of you and your significant other. Just make sure you have something to record who attended and don’t forget to purchase an address book so you can send thank you notes out after the wedding.

8. Lace Guest Book: A guest book is essential to a wedding, and this beautiful lace guest book has a perfect vintage feel to keep a record of your wedding guests for years to come. The little details make a big difference, and you’ll fall in love with the satin sash and rhinestone touches to this guestbook.

Lace Wedding Guest Book

Personalized Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are a big part of what makes your wedding day special. You want your wedding ceremony and reception to look beautiful, carefully decorated to your tastes and unique relationship. Personalize your decorations to welcome your friends and family and make them feel like they are a part of your big day! Here are some recommended local wedding vendors that offer wedding decorations:

9. Big Love Balloon Set: This big LOVE balloon set has so many uses for your wedding day. Use it as the perfect photo drop or background piece for the cake or gifts table.

I Do and Love wedding balloons

10. ‘Choose a Seat Not a Side’ Sign: Do away with traditional family sides at your wedding with a ‘Choose a Seat Not a Side’ sign. This is perfect for outdoor or rustic weddings, encouraging all of your friends and family to come together as one.

11. Personalized Table Numbers: Don’t just use boring old table numbers; use meaningful numbers instead. Tell your love story using table numbers with the date you met, date of your first kiss, the date you got engaged, etc. Your guests will love an extra glimpse into your relationship and a more meaningful twist on a traditional wedding decoration.

Special Wedding Ideas for Guests

In addition to invitations, favors, and decorations, add some other special ideas to your wedding ceremony and reception. Consider small details like your something old, new, borrowed, and blue, and personal touches for popular things like social media and flower girl. Your wedding day should be all about making your dreams come true, but add some extra touches to make sure your guests have fun and give special thanks to your wedding parties and anyone else involved in making your special day everything you wished for.

12. Video Booth: Instead of written messages from your guests, have a photo or video booth for your guests to leave you their own messages and advice. Later on, you’ll have a video of your friends and family’s well wishes, marriage advice, and funny stories to look back on. To get you started, here is a great list of wedding vendors offering photo booth rentals at reasonable cost:

Write your own rules or give them free reign, suggesting that your guests leave heartfelt messages or something more amusing like singing their favorite songs. Add fun to your wedding with this unbeatable deal on photobooth props, ~$15 .

13. Personalized Social Media: Social media is trending, especially at weddings! Decide on your own personalized Instagram tag for your guests to post photos, making it easier for you to keep track of photos from the night that you might want to add to your wedding album or video. Let your guests have fun with a personalized Snapchat filter to add a personal touch to their captured moments throughout the night!

14. Inscribed Handkerchief for Flower Girl: All flower girls grow up into beautiful brides eventually so leave them with a beautiful keepsake handkerchief as their “something old” for their future wedding day. You can make or buy the inscribed handkerchief for her to save.

15. Get Your Pet Involved: Pets are considered a part of the family, so give them a part in your special day! Involve them in your engagement or wedding photos, let a well-trained dog serve as your ring bearer, or dress them up for the occasion and let them entertain your wedding guests!

16. Hand Sewn Something Blue: If you’re looking for your “something blue,” consider something hand sewn into your dress like a personalized label with your initials and wedding date. There are so many options for the tiny details of your something old, new, borrowed, and blue but personalized items always mean the most.

17. Wedding Party Favors: Last but not least, don’t forget special gifts for your wedding parties! Those special friends and family who stand by your side at the altar and take care of you all day deserve a little something extra. Consider something pretty for your bridal party like matching jewelry to wear with their bridesmaid dresses, and something a little more manly for your groomsmen like commemorative beer glasses.


A wedding day should be focused on you and your newlywed coming together as partners, but don’t forget how important the small details are too when it comes to planning your big day. You and your guests will remember the small things that made your day feel a little more special because they were unique to you and carefully handpicked. Be sure to thank your guests and everyone who took part in your ceremony with thoughtful gifts and a fun reception. And finally, just enjoy your special day and how all of those special little details come together to create a beautiful and memorable celebration of marriage.