How to choose a wedding ceremony site

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Indoor weddings: museums, mansions, castles, country clubs, hotels, reception halls, restaurants, wineries

Generally, this is a good option for couples that have already decided to hold the reception at the above-mentioned museum, hotel, winery, etc. and either do not want to deal with the logistics involved in moving between a different ceremony site and the reception venue or want to take advantage of one of the packages provided by the reception venue (for example, some reception venues may waive any associated ceremony fees if the couple chose to have the reception at the same place).

Most of the above venues would have an on-site wedding coordinator that will make the entire planning process easier too. On the other hand, because the wedding coordinator will follow the same predetermined script for the ceremony, there will be few options (decorations, food choices, drinks, colors) to choose from to make the ceremony stand out against similar ceremonies held here in the past or in the future - including those held by your friends.

Summary: indoor weddings

Pros: easy planning (on-site wedding coordinator), most services/options included

Cons: not much room for creativity, may be expensive, little choice provided

Cruise weddings

This option is great for a couple that is looking for an all-inclusive yet affordable option and does not want to do a lot (or any!) planning. Wedding cruises are a "one stop shop" (packages include the ceremony, the food, the flowers, drinks, music, etc.).

Depending on the package you choose (generally there are 2-3 standard packages provided), your entire wedding cost could be easily under $10,000. Of course, no planning also means that your entire wedding day program is not customizable: there is usually only one menu to select from; one set of silverware, dinnerware, glassware; and one standard ceremony for every single wedding that takes place on the boat.

Summary: weddings on a ship

Pros: easy planning, "one-stop shop" (all-inclusive package), often cheap

Cons: little choice provided, no customization of the "day program"

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