How to pick the right shoes for the wedding for guys (Updated for 2024)

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Ok, so shoes are not a big deal for guys, right? Right.

The only thing you need to be able to do in your shoes is to look good in your wedding photos and dance your first wedding dance. Still, do plan to buy new shoes.

The two show color options that people like the most when looking back on the wedding photos after the wedding is over (these are your wedding memories that you'll post all over Facebook and will be showing to your grandchildren one day) are:

Option 1, typical: black leather

Option 2, premium: dark "red" leather. These are suitable for some attires, but not all. They do look black from a distance but look very expensive up close. Try a few options on and see how they look on you.

That's it - no other options! No beige, creme, grey or any other colors you might want.

Also, you might not think of it too much, but pick a high heel - you'll look taller and more impressive, both at the altar and in the photos. Remember, you will be standing next to other men in suits - your buddies - and you want to look better so that it's crystal clear to everyone who's getting married today. Every small thing counts. How tall you appear usually is one of the most important factors to you looking "impressive."

Finally, pick comfortable, thin socks, and pick up an extra pair.

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Thin socks work well for long days like your wedding day will be, and should it rain on the day of your wedding, you will likely be taking plenty of photos in the rain - you will need a dry spare if your feet get wet.