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"Being a wedding photographer is straight up awesome and I love everything about it. I get to go to an incredible party most weekends, sometimes in exotic places, always surrounded by loving people, human connections and genuine authentic moments, always with the single aim of creating the best wedding photographs I’ve ever created. It’s often physically grueling, stressful and mentally demanding but I know that I am incredibly lucky to do this for a living. I have my incredible wife Clare to thank for making that possible.

I’m fascinated by human connection and behaviors, understanding what makes us all tick and observing the world around me. This is what weddings are all about for me and why I find them so endlessly fascinating and utterly inspiring."


Four times Fearless Award Winner; Member of Junebug Wedding's World's Best Hotlist; 2016 Junebug Best Engagement Photo - Double Award Winner; 2016 Junebug Best Destination Photo Winner and Best of Wedding Vendor with the Knot 2 years running.

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