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Michael Novo Photography wedding vendor preview
Michael Novo Photography image Michael Novo Photography image Michael Novo Photography image

Michael Novo Photography

(847) 957-7709

Verified and trusted vendor

Rachael Schirano Photography wedding vendor preview
Rachael Schirano Photography image Rachael Schirano Photography image Rachael Schirano Photography image

Rachael Schirano Photography

(309) 531-8706

Rachael Schirano is an Illinois based wedding photographer who honors sincere smiles, unscripted moments and bare beauty. Her passion lies in threading together those intangible wisps of connection that float through her lens and anchoring them in photographic poetry, capturing memories for her clients that set their heart racing just as much as being in the moment did. When sh...

Slogan: Hhonest photographs that set your heart racing, just as much as being in the moment did.
Sandy Prints Photography LLC wedding vendor preview
Sandy Prints Photography LLC image Sandy Prints Photography LLC image Sandy Prints Photography LLC image

Sandy Prints Photography LLC

(616) 366-3940

My life has been blessed with the ability to go full time doing what I love.. and that's capturing beautiful weddings like yours! With years of customer service and managerial jobs, we brought our previous skills to serve clients with beautiful images and also amazing service. We pride ourselves in exceeding clients expectations as we capture your day and make you forever memor...

Slogan: Bringing Wedding, Event & Lifestyle Photography to Holland, MI and all surrounding areas throughout Michigan.
Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists wedding vendor preview

Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists

(630) 271-1737

Since 1990, Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists has been a mainstay in Chicago photography. They have been able to capture the emotion of the event, while forming lasting relationships with their clients. This has contributed to their 26 years of success, and frequent place in many of Chicago's top wedding photographer lists.

Slogan: Your Life. Your Love. Your Story.

Verified and trusted vendor

Wedding Venture resident expert

Cristina G Photography wedding vendor preview

Cristina G Photography

(312) 316-3631

Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Cristina G Photography has been documenting couple's special day since 2007. The group's 3 photographers bring a timeless individuality to their work. Creating elegant photos with a creative flair is their specialty. Often featured on many local and national best photographer's list, Cristina G Photography is dedicated to structuring th...

Slogan: Imagery that transcends wedding photography. Classic, organic, timeless
Megan Saul Photography wedding vendor preview

Megan Saul Photography

(312) 620-0072

Megan Saul describes herself as "an observer", and it is evident in her style. She knows how to capture the small unexpected moments, and in them shows the personality of her subjects. Saul is very interested in location, and it plays a huge role in her work. She can use a setting and take advantage of its importance and natural light.

Slogan: Authentic Stories, Real Connection.
Heather DeCamp Photography wedding vendor preview

Heather DeCamp Photography

(573) 424-6777

During my 9 years as a photographer, one thing has never stopped capturing my attention; love. I’ve photographed close to 250 weddings and just about 300 families and every day of my job still just as rewarding. Everyday I strive to be a better photographer, to challenge myself, and to better understand and appreciate the impact my photographs have on my client’s present and fu...

Gia Dragoi Photography wedding vendor preview

Gia Dragoi Photography

(877) 927-7238

Originally from Romania, Gia Dragoi both grew up, and studied photography in Florida Before relocating to Chicago. From 2011=2017 Gia has received the Best of Chicago Photographers Award given by The U.S Commerce Association. She likes brings a photojournalistic style to her work, capturing the unique features of the special occasion.

Colin Lyons Wedding Photography wedding vendor preview

Colin Lyons Wedding Photography

(312) 285-4533

Colin Lyons Wedding Photography boasts 19 magazine publications, and 227 5 star reviews. Over their 8 years in Downtown Chicago, Colin Lyons Wedding Photography has photographed over 150 weddings. Their casual yet professional demeanor, allows everyone feel at ease on the special day.

Steve Koo Wedding Photography wedding vendor preview

Steve Koo Wedding Photography

(773) 609-5559

Steve Koo's unique style of wedding photojournalism proves fun and energetic. Pulling from his passion for fine art, he creates nontraditional wedding photography that is both timeless and contemporary.

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We want you to get the best value for your wedding budget. Our award-winning vendors are top-rated and come in a variety of price ranges. It’s easy to find the best vendors suited for you when you specify your budget and let us know your preferences. We negotiate the lowest price with the best vendors. Enjoy your wedding your way.

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Local Wedding Photographers

Sometimes, a professional photographer can rank low on a wedding budget. This decision is something a couple invariably regrets. Wedding photographs are memories for generations to come. Putting a camera into the hands of a friend can turn into a disaster. With wedding photos, there are no second chances, so make the first one count.

It’s best to pinch pennies elsewhere, such as engraved invitations, and invest in an excellent professional photographer. Wedding photography involves more than just snapping pictures. Wedding photos tell the unique story of your love. This is not the time for so-so pictures with bad lighting. You want all the emotions to come through. A father walking his daughter down the aisle is a story in itself.

Should your budget truly demands it, hire a professional photographer for part of the day only, such as the ceremony. This will ensure that all of the important moments are captured forever. Then, you can risk having a friend photograph you dancing at the reception.

Your wedding photographs are a treasure that will be enjoyed by your friends, children, and grandchildren. It’s what memories are made of. Our selection of wedding photographers will ensure that you end up with the exact pictures you want. Each photographer has his or her own, unique style, so take a look at our photographers’ portfolios. Will your wedding be glamorous, casual, or traditional? You want a photographer who can capture the essence of your special day. Click on those photography vendors that best capture your dream wedding and find out more about them. Don’t settle for photos. Choose a wedding photographer who can create a lifetime of memories.

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