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Wedding photographers in Denver

Carl Bower Photographs imageCarl Bower Photographs imageCarl Bower Photographs image

Carl Bower Photographs

(303) 919-6181

I am a photojournalist and Pulitzer finalist who approaches weddings with a quiet presence and an eye for authenticity. In practice, this entails moving with a calm demeanor and a desire to remain unnoticed, finding small moments of intimacy in the midst of public celebrations. While environment and ritual play an important part in my wedding coverage, I also focus on the pers...

Slogan: Get Real

Verified and trusted vendor

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April OApril OApril O

April O'Hare Photography

(720) 771-7314

This is the part where I’m supposed to make myself sound really rad and interesting and convince you that you’ll want to be best friends with me because of how irresistible my quirky personality is. But the truth is I’m kind of boring, I won’t be the life of your party (and really, I shouldn’t be!), and I’m writing this in my polka-dotted sweat pants covered in cat hair. So m...

Verified and trusted vendor

Alison Rose Photography wedding vendor preview

Alison Rose Photography

(970) 581-1033

I consider myself a “wedding photojournalist” that focuses on truly genuine, candid moments. That’s why I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. What sets me apart from other wedding photographers is that I have a bright sense of humor and sentimental nature.

Ashley Kidder Photography wedding vendor preview

Ashley Kidder Photography

(303) 915-1226

Colorado is truly the best state possible for weddings of all shapes and sizes, from rustic mountain weddings to chic city affairs. Your client experience is a top priority (after getting jaw-dropping images, of course), and I'm happy to help you however I can as you move along in the wedding planning process.

Elati Wedding Photography wedding vendor preview

Elati Wedding Photography

(720) 460-0668

We’re there to capture moments as they happen; not to tell you what to do. The benefit of working with Elati Wedding Photography is that we provide minimal posing so you can enjoy your time with family and friends —instead of having to worry about where the camera is. In fact, we prefer that you don’t even look at the camera.

Kara Pearson Photography wedding vendor preview

Kara Pearson Photography

(970) 319-6374

My approach to your wedding and family portraits is as a photojournalist. The goal is for you to find timeless beauty and emotion in your images. I feel like I am being let in on a secret when photographing families and weddings - the moments, love and relationships I am privy to are just awesome.

Elevate Photography wedding vendor preview

Elevate Photography

(303) 744-6700

Elevate Photography loves capturing Denver wedding photography. We are a team of Colorado wedding photographers who are passionate about what they do - Capturing Life. Elevate's creative and photojournalistic style combined with commitment to customer service ensure amazing images of the most important day of your life.

Joe and Robin Photography wedding vendor preview

Joe and Robin Photography

(303) 704-0637

We are husband + wife photographers that provide wedding, engagement, and proposal photography for adventurous couples using a vibrant style of the natural you.

Selah Photography wedding vendor preview

Selah Photography

(720) 509-9228

Our photography philosophy seeks after the heart: Our eleven years of experience as professional photographers has developed a tailored approach to assure that your memories commemorate more than what kind of shoes you were wearing.

Carrie Swails Photography wedding vendor preview

Carrie Swails Photography

(970) 549-2728

Carrie Swails Photography was created out of a need to ensure nerds, offbeat, and non-traditional people like me had an advocate at their weddings. I believe in weddings where people prioritize first, the fact they are getting married. I believe weddings don’t need a theme - isn’t the theme marriage?!

Great photos and videos are a must! After all, years from now, it is these photos and videos that will be the only reminder of the most special day in your lives. Yet, what often comes as a big surprise to many couples is how expensive professional photographers and videographers can be.

In this section, we can help you understand what your photography and videography options are and how to negotiate the best prices for the quality you are looking for. Here you can also search, compare, request quotes and receive bids from your local photography professionals.

Be sure to check out our Visual Search feature that will help you narrow down the list of photographers based on the photographic style and quality that you seek!

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