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How do I choose a limo company?

There are quite a few limo companies in the area. They all offer fairly competitive prices, have very similar vehicles (colors, makes and models), and offer the same types of amenities. So how do you choose the best one among them? Here are a couple of tips from

  • Check if the company requires for you to hire the car for a minimum number of hours.

    Some companies would require for you to pay for, say, at least 3 hours of service even if you only need the car for an hour (to travel between your home and your ceremony and reception site).

  • Look for great customer service.

    Before you settle on a particular company, spend some time on the phone with them asking about various details and options available. Based on this interaction, you are trying to figure out how good their customer service is. Why is this important? It's important because you want to make sure ahead of time that on your day of your wedding whether you will get timely, courteous and professional service on the day of your wedding, or if you are you going to be hopelessly waiting on the car at the curb and getting an answering machine if the limo is running late or you think they've got the wrong address.

    In your interaction with them, do you like that staff's attitude and think they work like a team? Call them a few times with a couple of random questions at different times of the day: it will give you the sense of how responsive they are (you really want to make sure you can get hold of someone and now answering machine - nothing is worse than talking to an answering machine or dial a non-responding telephone number on the day of your wedding).

    See the car options for yourself.

    Once you settle on a particular option or two, go to the area and actually see the vehicles for yourself. That's right, see the cars! Surprisingly, a lot of limos for hire out there are old and do not look the same way in real life as they look in the pictures on the company's website. Also, if you do like the car that is shown to you, avoid bait-and-switches and put in your contract that you are paying for this specific vehicle!

  • Check which specific amenities are provided, and which ones you are expected to provide yourself.

    In most cases, the limo companies will provide champagne flutes, napkins, utensils and plates, and ice, but will not provide the actual food and champagne. If you and your bridal party are planning to eat and drink on the way, you would need to make plans to provide the food and drinks ahead of time.

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