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Renting a car from a local car rental company

Luxury or premium rental car from a local rental company becomes a more useful and affordable option than hiring a limo if you need to use the car for longer than 3-4 hours and/or you have to travel between your home, the ceremony and reception sites more than 30 minutes. For instance, if you live in the city, but have decided to hold your wedding in the great outdoors outside the city limits (where there are no local limo companies you could hire), you could rent a luxury car for a day at your local rental car company.

Of course, if you are going with this option, you would still need to find a chauffeur (ask a friend or a family member to be one), provide your own amenities (such as champagne flutes, for example) you desire and deal with the headache of picking up and returning the car to the rental agency in mint condition.

If your wedding is taking place several hours away from a major city or town (say, you live in Seattle, but your wedding will be taking place at Lake Chelan), also consider hiring a large van (your own mini-shuttle-express) to transport anything that you may need at your wedding that will not be provided at your ceremony and reception sites (for example, chairs for your ceremony, decorations, drinks, audio and video equipment, etc.).

Also feel free to ask your guests who will be driving to the site to help you transport some of the things you will need. Ask your friends to come to you the night before and pick up anything you may need at the wedding, or even consider hiring a separate moving company altogether (such as one of those Student Movers companies, for example).

Asking a friend to drive you

...So, do really need a limo? Many couple assume that a limo is a must-have when they start planning their wedding, but in our experience at, surprisingly many change their opinions towards the end.

The main reason for this change in attitude is, in most cases, the growing cost of the wedding itself. After you have paid for the site, the food, the photographer and a million other things, paying hundreds of dollars more for a very short amount of time that you will actually spend inside the limo is starting to make less and less sense.

One great alternative to hiring a limo or getting a rental car is asking a friend or relative with a new and expensive car (Mercedes, Jeep, Lexus, etc.) to be your chauffer / "friend driver" for the day. To your friend, a wedding day will be much more interesting too since they will be with the wedding party most of the day - and they do not need to be a designated driver since you only need their help really during the day!

Offer them to pay for their car wash / wax / vacuum the day before the wedding. This way, you will be traveling in clean luxury and you will have a much happier driver on the day of your wedding. As a final tip, once the car is washed and vacuumed, remember to decorate it with lace, ribbons and flowers!

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