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Wedding MCs in the Dallas area

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Uptown Sound wedding vendor preview

Uptown Sound

(214) 491-8283

A Professional MC and DJ for Your Big Day. Your wedding is likely to be the biggest and most important event you will ever plan. That’s why we take pride in providing you the best possible service and experience. It involves much more than simply filling out a form and having us show up with our equipment.

Verified and trusted vendor

Andy Austin Entertainment wedding vendor preview

Andy Austin Entertainment

(972) 742-3869

Andy Austin style as your master of ceremonies is natural and charismatic, without the use of clichés (“at this time”, “big round of applause”, “ladies and gentleman”, etc.), because he knows how to effectively enlist your guests in supporting the success of your reception. Thoughtless, repetitive phrases give your guests an opportunity to start tuning out. Simply put, he creat...

MC/DJ Randal Stout wedding vendor preview

MC/DJ Randal Stout

(214) 206-1724

When it comes to the actual party, my strength is the ability to read people and connect with them. I said I’m a disc jockey and a master of ceremonies, but really, an entertainer and a motivator. If we need guests out of their chairs, let’s make it fun and give them a reason to have fun with us.

Inkredible Sounds  wedding vendor preview

Inkredible Sounds

(214) 278-6760

Inkredible Sounds East Texas DJ & Dallas DJ / MC staff will not only play great music and keep the dance floor jumping but, they’ll also add a touch of class and elegance while hosting your event. Inkredible Sounds takes pride in being a partner at your event and really knowing the ins and outs of your event. We coordinate with all of the vendors there to insure that each event...

Flawless Entertainment wedding vendor preview

Flawless Entertainment

(713) 367-5440

Flawless Entertainment & Lighting Productions is Houston's #1 in professional DJs and MCs, elegant lighting, and interactive photo booth services. Our experienced staff of event designers will assist you throughout the entire event planning process to ensure that your vision is executed flawlessly. A talented team of professional entertainers passionately provide excellence in ...

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Local Wedding MCs

Wedding Masters of Ceremonies do more than grab the microphone and talk. Their presence ensures that your reception proceeds as planned without any missteps. From first dance to a toast to the cake cutting, an experienced MC announces the action with flair and prepares the guests for what is coming. In effect, he or she becomes the coordinator of the event and keeps everything moving smoothly as planned. Check out how our trained Master of Ceremonies can provide you with peace of mind and ensure a flawless wedding reception.

It’s easy to underestimate the role of a professional wedding MC – until something goes unexpectedly wrong. That’s when the MC steps in and coordinates between the various vendors and wedding planner to keep the flow of the reception moving. This can save the bridal couple a lot of headaches. While DJs and live bands can also perform some of these functions, their attention obviously leans toward entertainment. The best wedding MC know how to exert authority when necessary without alienating others. In fact, a sense of humor is the MC’s most valuable asset.

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