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Wedding photographers in Los Angeles

Jenna Bechtholt wedding vendor photo
Jenna Bechtholt thumbnail

Jenna Bechtholt

(818) 279-4764

"There is no better city to photograph a wedding than in Los Angeles. From the iconic landmarks of Griffith Park and The Beverly Hills Hotel to the gorgeous beaches of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice, the wedding photography Los Angeles has to offer is endless. The industrial, urban side of Los Angeles is great for modern and classic wedding photography. Historical buildings li...

Avancena Photography wedding vendor photo
Avancena Photography thumbnail

Avancena Photography

(626) 345-9224

"Avancena Photography has been providing high quality wedding photography at a reasonable price since 1995. The company initially emerged in 1993 with a fashion photography but due to stiff competition, Avancena photography decided to switch to wedding photography, which proved to be a good move. Since then, Avancena photography has been a regular fixture in many weddings. The ...

Dosha Z Photography wedding vendor photo
Dosha Z Photography thumbnail

Dosha Z Photography

(850) 766-5015

"Dosha Z Photography has a unique way of making your wedding day photos go by smoothly all while capturing the fleeting moments you might have blinked and missed. She has a sweet demeanor and a creative, documentary-style wedding photography approach to capturing timeless moments. Your wedding photographs will be filled with beautiful emotion, romance and fun. They will foreve...

Clarkie Photography wedding vendor photo
Clarkie Photography thumbnail

Clarkie Photography

"Being a wedding photographer is straight up awesome and I love everything about it. I get to go to an incredible party most weekends, sometimes in exotic places, always surrounded by loving people, human connections and genuine authentic moments, always with the single aim of creating the best wedding photographs I’ve ever created. It’s often physically grueling, stressful and...

Norris Photo wedding vendor photo
Norris Photo thumbnail

Norris Photo

(818) 693-9114

"We are a boutique family-owned company specializing in wedding photography and other life event documentation. Based in Los Angeles and headed by Donald and Kelly, a dynamic husband and wife duo, the fantastic Norris Photo event photographer team has captured close to a thousand events over the years, including many high-profile celebrations. We are incredibly grateful to our ...

Harmony Wedding Photography wedding vendor photo
Harmony Wedding Photography thumbnail

Harmony Wedding Photography

(323) 498-2456

"Harmony Wedding Photography is a full service wedding and event photography company.Our work has been featured in numerous wedding magazines and television shows.We also off maternity photography, boudoir photography for wedding gifts and engagement photography before your wedding."

Josh Goodman  wedding vendor photo
Josh Goodman  thumbnail

Josh Goodman

(323) 633-3137

"Hi, we're Josh & Jill and we've been professionally photographing weddings for over 7 years. Our goal at every wedding is to expertly tell a couple's love story through our unique timeless and romantic visual perspective. We view wedding photography not as a random series of photographs, but as an opportunity to tell a couple's love story complete with a beginning, middle, ...

Stunning Bride  wedding vendor photo
Stunning Bride  thumbnail

Stunning Bride

(818) 445-3987

"At Stunning Bride Photographers, we blend the talents of our award-winning wedding photographers with our talented staff of graphic artists to deliver the moments that make your story unforgettable. We capture the life of the event with our photos and our versatile photographers can create classical, vintage, contemporary and uniquely elegant photos of your special day."

Joanne Leung Photography wedding vendor photo
Joanne Leung Photography thumbnail

Joanne Leung Photography

(323) 522-4588

"There is something genuine and beautiful about people when they are in love. I love the anticipation and excitement for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, and it is my privilege to be in the special position as a wedding photographer to tell the story in beautiful images. Love also extends to friends and family on the wedding day, an...

Aevitas Weddings wedding vendor photo
Aevitas Weddings thumbnail

Aevitas Weddings

(424) 274-1041

"More than a wedding photographer, I see myself as a storyteller – an artist given the task of transforming the magic of your wedding day into images that will last a lifetime. I believe that wedding photography is not just about capturing stunning portraits, but also the special moments and tiny details that combine to make it an event you will never forget. With almost ten y...

Great photos and videos are a must! After all, years from now, it is these photos and videos that will be the only reminder of the most special day in your lives. Yet, what often comes as a big surprise to many couples is how expensive professional photographers and videographers can be.

In this section, we can help you understand what your photography and videography options are and how to negotiate the best prices for the quality you are looking for. Here you can also search, compare, request quotes and receive bids from your local photography professionals.

Be sure to check out our Visual Search feature that will help you narrow down the list of photographers based on the photographic style and quality that you seek!

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