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Wedding DJs in the Salt Lake City area

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Westie Kim LLC

(385) 262-3927

Verified and trusted vendor

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Salt Lake Wedding DJ

(801) 949-9438

As you are looking for a DJ, think about some of best times of your life, and I’m sure that you can think of songs that would go right along with those memories. I understand how important music is. As I get to know you, we will work together so that years from now, you along with your family and friends look back at your wedding, party or whatever you are planning, and remembe...

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Life of the Party Entertainment

(801) 810-5687

Your next event needs to be a great one. Weddings, dances and more book your event today!

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Live Guy Sound

(385) 351-4902

Bring your party to us and we'll give it right back to you tenfold. Parties Corporate Events Wedding DJ Service Dances

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(801) 400-0264

Drewbacca is an Open Format party animal specializing in Electronic Dance Music based out of SLC, UT.

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Squawkbox Sound

(801) 675-9055

Get the perfect blend of professional MC, DJ, and Music Services including Bose speakers, connections for personal devices, wireless and lapel microphones, and more.

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DJPauly Entertainment

(801) 554-8647

When planning a wedding, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or stressed. With DJPauly Entertainment, planning is easy! You’ll find our approach is calming. And you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

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Echo Talent Management

(801) 636-8640

Echo DJs perform in the hottest clubs and venues around the world. Each brings a unique flare to their set, such as spinning only vinyl, using live accompaniment, even performing entirely in character.

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DJ Bohn-Diggity

(801) 746-9925

You only make a good first impression once. Make your party extraordinary by getting your guests on their feet. Everyone is happier when they're dancing!

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(801) 671-6444

From weddings to holiday parties, company picnics and banquets,we bringreliable quality entertainment to you. Any style of music from big band swing to tops 40's,oldies to modern and every decade in between.

Get the best deal

Many couples find it useful to compare several options. It makes it easier to understand pricing with several quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal. Our top-rated Salt Lake City DJs are ready to provide you with a quick quote - make sure you get a good deal.

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Local Wedding Event DJs

A professional DJ interacts with his or her audience (your guests) to ensure a rockin’ time. He or she both entertains and engages wedding guests with your favorite songs. Our professional DJs are able to keep the room lively with a wide range of music geared to all ages and taste levels. From Sinatra to Swift, an experienced DJ will immerse your reception with great music and keep your guests dancing. With a professional DJ, you have an instant party.

When hiring your wedding DJ, look at his or her personality. Of course, the DJ will be playing music. But he or she is also an entertainer, hired to keep your guests happy and on their toes. The DJ pretty much sets the tone of your wedding reception, so the right choice is important.

A good DJ also helps with the flow of events. For example, when you get ready to cut the cake, the DJ will ensure that the photographer is in place to capture the moment. You DJ will interact with your wedding guests to get them onto the dance floor and take special song requests.

When you hire your wedding DJ, make sure he or she has a wide range of songs to play. Your guests have all kinds of musical tastes; and the DJ should be able to hit most points. Your DJ should also be adaptable to circumstances. The bridal couple may be late, dinner may be delayed, and the DJ should know how to deal with these lapses in time.

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