THE 10 BEST Wedding Djs in Chicago 2021(With Photos and Prices)
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Wedding DJs in Chicago

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23 Results

Luniks Entertainment, Inc.

Luniks Entertainment provides elegant and exciting DJ entertainment for weddings and private parties. We provide our clients with the best entertainment experience, by individually catering to them to create an event that is unique to their style and taste. Our weddings and events rock! We carry the newest and most popular music on hand, from the 50s all the way to current tren...

Slogan: A packed dance floor is our common Goal

A Posh Production

Our Chicago wedding DJ’s and Masters of Ceremony are highly experienced professionals with over thirty years of experience between them. A Posh Production’s Chicago disc jockeys are some of the best in the business and come from a number of musical backgrounds. Our Chicago DJ’s have performed at a wide variety of events, including weddings, clubs and cruise lines.


DJ-Chicago has set the standard for the DJ industry in Chicago for the past 15 years. Since our inception, our number one priority has been simple, to meet or exceed our client’s expectations for their event entertainment. With our company’s standards & level of professionalism and our DJs talent & experience you can be assured that DJ-Chicago will meet your highest expectatio...

Style Matters DJs

Style Matters is the brainchild of Chicago DJ collective Orchard Lounge. We’ve been spinning our own brand of electronic funk together since the turn of the century.


We are Chicago’s top wedding DJs and we specialize in packing dance floor’s and helping make your wedding day unforgettable!

Sounds Abound

Call them DJs, call them MCs. Either way, you’ll call them spectacular. Meet our talented team of master-of-ceremonies level DJs.

Cage and Aquarium

Our wedding deejays have hundreds of hours of practice playing their instruments with professional training from Scratch Academy, our partner and one of the most reputable DJ schools in the country. This experience gives our deejays the ability to understand your music preferences and run with it. That means being able to “feel” the room and adjust on the fly, picking up on wha...

DJ Harsh Chicago

My philosophy is simple – I listen to my client. No event is a success unless a clients’ wishes are fulfilled. That is why all of my clients receive an in-person consultation shortly before their event. This insures solid communication and a superb event.

Chicago Wedding DJs

We create stunning wedding receptions. Your guests will say, ``Wow!`` You will party more than any reception you've ever been to. Guaranteed.

KBE Entertainment

KBE Entertainment, is one of a kind, combination of professional musicians and music lovers. We work with professional music equipment, speakers, light effects and other necessary accessories. It is important to set the right atmosphere for our client’s requirements. Our repertoire contains various selective genres, styles of music and unique original mixes.

Top-Rated Wedding DJs

A professional DJ interacts with his or her audience (your guests) to ensure a rockin’ time. He or she both entertains and engages wedding guests with your favorite songs. Our professional DJs are able to keep the room lively with a wide range of music geared to all ages and taste levels. From Sinatra to Swift, an experienced DJ will immerse your reception with great music and keep your guests dancing. With a professional DJ, you have an instant party.

When hiring your wedding DJ, look at his or her personality. Of course, the DJ will be playing music. But he or she is also an entertainer, hired to keep your guests happy and on their toes. The DJ pretty much sets the tone of your wedding reception, so the right choice is important.

A good DJ also helps with the flow of events. For example, when you get ready to cut the cake, the DJ will ensure that the photographer is in place to capture the moment. You DJ will interact with your wedding guests to get them onto the dance floor and take special song requests.

When you hire your wedding DJ, make sure he or she has a wide range of songs to play. Your guests have all kinds of musical tastes; and the DJ should be able to hit most points. Your DJ should also be adaptable to circumstances. The bridal couple may be late, dinner may be delayed, and the DJ should know how to deal with these lapses in time.

Local Wedding DJs