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Wedding DJs in the Columbus area

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ShoProsOhio Mobile DJ Entertainment wedding vendor preview

ShoProsOhio Mobile DJ Entertainment

(614) 987-6537

SHOPROS is a perfect choice for providing music, emcee, entertainment and sound support.

Buckeye Entertainment wedding vendor preview

Buckeye Entertainment

(614) 707-7671

Buckeye Entertainment is a mobile entertainment company in Columbus, Ohio specializing in weddings. We offer DJ services, photography, planning, and more.

SONUS Entertainment wedding vendor preview

SONUS Entertainment

(614) 407-6863

SONUS Entertainment is Ohio's premiere mobile DJ service. So, if you are looking for an amazing event with music that will keep you dancing, then look no further. SONUS Entertainment is where the party is. We provide professional MC and DJ services to kick off any event.

DJ Charlo Professional DJ Services wedding vendor preview

DJ Charlo Professional DJ Services

(614) 716-8949

The right music is the key to any successful event. Founded in 2012, DJ Charlo Professional DJ Services offers the appropriate sound track for your special occasion.

DJ Matt Allen - Legitimatt Entertainment wedding vendor preview

DJ Matt Allen - Legitimatt Entertainment

(740) 624-9074

Matt Allen (DJ Legitimatt) is the sole owner and operator for Legitimatt Entertainment. He provides the absolute best in audio/visual entertainment, with a specialization in weddings and formal events. Whether you are planning a wedding, social event, birthday party, or any other event, DJ Matt has all your entertainment needs.

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Columbus Pro Dj's

(614) 224-1945

People are relaxed, laughing, and having a great time. The dance floor is full. The DJ is experienced and professional and does not grab the spotlight. Everything flows seamlessly. Your DJ has a huge variety of music, crystal clear sound, and dynamic lighting effects.

Jim Cerone The Perfect Host DJ MC wedding vendor preview
Jim Cerone The Perfect Host DJ MC image Jim Cerone The Perfect Host DJ MC image Jim Cerone The Perfect Host DJ MC image

Jim Cerone The Perfect Host DJ MC


Your wedding will be FUN! Your wedding will be personal and unique. With Jim Cerone the Perfect Host as your DJ and MC, your wedding will be all about you. "I cannot thank you enough for making our wedding day PERFECT" - Katy & Alex Your instructions will be followed. Your song requests will be played. Your "do not play" list will be honored. Your wedding will be bette...

Slogan: Enjoy More, Worry Less!
Dramatic Dimensions Entertainment wedding vendor preview

Dramatic Dimensions Entertainment

(888) 213-3335

The Best DJ in Michigan, Up Lighting, Special Effects, and Photo Booths for rent with a twist. Our Michigan DJs provide more than just music at your event, we help plan your event with our online planning and final meeting with your DJ before your Michigan event. This helps us understand all of your event needs with detail. Every event is different and we always customize the B...

Michigan Wedding DJ wedding vendor preview

Michigan Wedding DJ

(248) 648-1669

Your Wedding Starts with Cocktail Music. This is the time of night when I begin to work your crowd and get them in the mood for the dancing to come. This time frame is somewhat critical to the success of your evening as it let’s me begin to establish some rapport musically with your guests. It’s a time to get people feeling good about the night to come.

Pro DJ Services wedding vendor preview

Pro DJ Services

(313) 884-0130

Remember that entertainment is the most important element to a successful reception and should not be left to chance. Great entertainment is crucial to a fun and memorable reception. Our goal at Pro DJ Services, Inc. is to take the guess-work out of choosing entertainment. We are dedicated to working with you in planning a day that is special; a day that surpasses your dreams. ...

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We want you to get the best value for your wedding budget. Our award-winning vendors are top-rated and come in a variety of price ranges. It’s easy to find the best vendors suited for you when you specify your budget and let us know your preferences. We negotiate the lowest price with the best vendors. Enjoy your wedding your way.

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Local Wedding Event DJs

A professional DJ interacts with his or her audience (your guests) to ensure a rockin’ time. He or she both entertains and engages wedding guests with your favorite songs. Our professional DJs are able to keep the room lively with a wide range of music geared to all ages and taste levels. From Sinatra to Swift, an experienced DJ will immerse your reception with great music and keep your guests dancing. With a professional DJ, you have an instant party.

When hiring your wedding DJ, look at his or her personality. Of course, the DJ will be playing music. But he or she is also an entertainer, hired to keep your guests happy and on their toes. The DJ pretty much sets the tone of your wedding reception, so the right choice is important.

A good DJ also helps with the flow of events. For example, when you get ready to cut the cake, the DJ will ensure that the photographer is in place to capture the moment. You DJ will interact with your wedding guests to get them onto the dance floor and take special song requests.

When you hire your wedding DJ, make sure he or she has a wide range of songs to play. Your guests have all kinds of musical tastes; and the DJ should be able to hit most points. Your DJ should also be adaptable to circumstances. The bridal couple may be late, dinner may be delayed, and the DJ should know how to deal with these lapses in time.

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