THE 10 BEST Wedding Dance Instructors in San Francisco 2020(With Photos and Prices)
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Wedding dance instructors in San Francisco

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Miss Frances Dances

"We want to bring fun and laughter into the wedding planning process with dance. Our friendly instructors teach in a supportive environment while staying true to you as a couple. This means we not only show you the steps, but most importantly, how to make your first dance capture your personalities and look effortless. Whether you're looking to learn a few basic moves or perfor...

Pick School of Ballroom Dancing

"Want to ""wow"" them with a great first dance? Or maybe you just want to do something besides swaying back and forth. Think you have ""two left feet"" and dancing is something you only watch on TV? A Pick School of Ballroom Dancing Wedding Workshop or private lessons can help! With regards to dances, waltz is incredibly beautiful when danced well. Many couples combine a slo...

Emily Coles Dance SF

"Hire me to teach a lesson at your birthday party, wedding reception, or other special event! A dance lesson gets your guests interacting with one another, and makes the event memorable and unique."

Ballroom Dancing with Lesley McIntosh

Fun & Easy Dance Instruction for Busy Brides, Daring Grooms, and Folks with Two Left Feet!

Dance Affair

We feel dance training is an important and valuable, as well as enjoyable, step in a student’s life. We are excited and confident in our program and all it has to offer.

By Your Side Dance Studio

"Worried about one of the most important dances of your life, in front of an audience of family and friends? Don’t be. We all start somewhere. We make your wedding dance a fun, stylish and elegant crowd-pleaser. Whether it’s your first dance, the father/daughter dance or the mother/son dance, our wedding dance lessons make everyone look fantastic on the dance floor!"

Javier Campines Dance

Javier Campines is a professional Latin dancer & choreographer and known as one of the best instructors in Los Angeles. Whether your goal is to go out social dancing, put together a routine for a special event, spice up your workout, perfect your technique/styling, or to perform and compete, Javier can help you meet your goals.

Top-Rated Wedding Dance Instructors

Consider the importance of that first dance or the father/daughter dance when deciding whether or not to hire a first dance instructor. These are not just any dances. These are actually performances, with all eyes on the couple on the dance floor. A professional dance instructor can prepare you for this all-importance part of your wedding reception. Check out our selection of First Dance Instructors and put your best foot forward.

Let’s face it. On this important day, you want everything to go as planned and make the best impression possible. Stumbling through a waltz or other tune just won’t do it. A dance instructor can turn two left feet into a Fred-Astaire glide in a few lessons. It’s also a sneaky way to fit in a date night while you are engaged. A few dance lessons will help make you feel relaxed and confident on the dance floor. Learn a few different types of dances and be the star of the show. The fact is, many couples consider a perfectly choreographed first dance one of the highlights of their wedding reception. For nervous parents, a first dance instructor will also offer lessons in how to shine during the father/daughter and mother/son dances.

Local Wedding Dance Instructors