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Swingin' Denver

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Swingin’ Denver believes in growing the swing dance community through making dance knowledge readily available, accessible to everyone and fun!

Slogan: Swingin’ Denver is your one-stop source for all things dancing Swing in Denver.
If You Can

If You Can't Dance

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You want that first dance with your new (or old) partner to feel wonderful and relaxed. With no previous dance experience, you can move easily with your partner and look like you've danced together forever. Bring your own music if you like and the instructors will help you create a unique routine to your special song.

Gabriela Tango wedding vendor preview

Gabriela Tango

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A great opportunity to learn, have fun and socialize in a lovely environment. Feel free to bring something to share but there is no obligation!

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TG Danzport Studio

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For weddings, we recommend that you start 3-6 months before your special day. When preparing to dance socially, either on a cruise or other social event it is important to realize that you will want to know more than just one dance and will need time for the patterns and technique to develop into muscle memory in order to truly enjoy your experience.

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Denver Dance Center

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Denver Dance Center offers a full schedule of classes for all ages, from the youngest dancers to the most complete adult program in the area, as well as rental of studio space. Classes are held on most major holidays.

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Strides Ballroom

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The first dance is traditionally for the guests of honor - you. So what do you want your dance to be: simple, elegant, crazy, fun? Our team will help you kick your party off right with the perfect dance for you and your fiance.

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Dance Institute

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Remember, dance classes aren’t just for kids. We offer adult dance classes at our Denver location as well. Dance Institute teaches adult dance classes in tap, ballet and more. Studies show that dance greatly helps range of motion, motor skills and promotes the free movement of joints. The adult dance classes at our Denver studio can do all this and more.

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Black Belt Salsa Dance Studios

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In 2012, with the help of a core group of dedicated instructors, students, beta testers, and professional advisers, the Black Belt Dance Online System was born. Now students from every corner of the globe can share the in joy of learning from some of the best instructors the world has ever known… the Black Belt Instructor team.

Booth Dancesport Ballroom wedding vendor preview

Booth Dancesport Ballroom

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At Booth Dancesport Ballroom, we know how special your first dance as a married couple is. Our dance instructors can make sure you are prepared for this unforgettable moment with a wedding dance routine designed just for you. As masters of choreography, we customize memorable and impressive routines to the music and dance style of your choice.

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(720) 572-4952

There is nothing more endearing than seeing a newlywed couple do their wedding dance for the first time. The wedding dance is one of the most memorable events at a wedding day. Why not make it as special as possible? Your instructor will customize a wedding dance that suits both your personality and your comfort level.

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