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Wedding cake bakeries in Orlando

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Ya Ya Sweets Greek Bakery

Our Greek Bakery has a variety of sweet products that can enhance your special event such as homemade Custom Cakes, Baklava, Greek Cookies, Spanakopita, Pastisio (Greek Lasagna) and so much more. Call YaYa to discuss your special event needs! OPA!

Slogan: "I Bake For You" .. YaYa was featured on the Cooking Channel / Cheap Eats... view "Hungry In The Jax" episode

Enchanting Creations

Special-occasion bakery creates custom baked goods & offers sweet treats & sandwiches in their cafe.

Unique Designer's Cake

We have a passion for striking textural art and architectural pieces and adding a sweet creative feeling to match it.

Everything Sweet

Who says a cake has to be white, round, or tiered? There is simply no excuse for having a plain or boring wedding cake, these days, cakes can be adorned with romantic or symbolic embellishments. Today's brides can choose for the groom, white chocolate, carrot, banana, hazelnut, orange, or lemon flavored sponge.

Simply Cakes

Strip-mall bakery serves up homemade cakes, cupcakes & cookies at the counter in a cheerful space.

Sweet Art by Lucila Bird Rd

Bakery with hardwood floors & antique accents specializing in custom cakes for weddings & birthdays.

Elegant Temptations Cakes

Busy cake design shop building traditional wedding cakes & vibrant custom designs for all occasions.

Maya B Wedding & Specialty Cakes

We will always make sure you will get to enjoy and love my sugar coated creations!

Gallery of Cakes

The story of this family bakery actually began long before that. Yonnie and Toni both worked in spiritually unrewarding jobs, which inspired them to open up their own place, Yonnie's Pizzeria. Shortly thereafter, Yonnie's expanded into a full Italian restaurant.

Cakes by Yine

This is about the all time known and popular “Venezuela Style Cakes”, these are still the ones that Grandma Ines de Brandt made for more than 70 years. “Grandma Ines, is how her dear clients used to call her.

Top-Rated Wedding Cake Bakeries

At, you will find the best wedding bakers in your area. Usually, your wedding cake is the first thing guests notice at your reception, so you want it to stand out. Let your wedding baker create a perfect work of art.

Narrow down your search for the perfect wedding cake that suits your wedding style. Whether elegant, whimsical, or modern, your cake should blend into your wedding décor and palette. There is more to selecting a wedding cake than deciding between vanilla and chocolate. Tiered cakes can provide more than one taste sensation, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors. Your wedding theme should determine the design and color of your cake. The cake should reflect your overall wedding colors.

The cutting of the wedding cake by the newly-married couple is an old tradition. It symbolizes their togetherness. This is something you don’t want to miss. Some couples prefer a smaller cake specifically for the cutting ceremony and a larger one for the guests.

Click through our large selection of wedding bakers until you can narrow down your selection. From single layer to a grand design of the Eiffel Tower, you will find a wedding baker you can work with. When you do, make sure to arrange for a taste test. You want to make sure the taste matches the cake’s gorgeous looks. Find out if your baker delivers, or do you have to pick up the cake?

Local Wedding Cake Bakeries