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A Wedding to Remember wedding vendor preview
A Wedding to Remember image A Wedding to Remember image A Wedding to Remember image

A Wedding to Remember


Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as you are. We can keep it traditional or spruce it up a notch. I offer different ideas that you usually won't see at other weddings. Whether you have 5 or 500 guests, you will all enjoy a relaxed and inspirational service. I perform religious, metaphysical, inter-faith, inter-racial, non-religious, secular, civil service, LGBT, Shinto...

Slogan: I will make your ceremony truly "a wedding to remember!"

Verified and trusted vendor

All Ceremonies Beautifully Done wedding vendor preview
All Ceremonies Beautifully Done image All Ceremonies Beautifully Done image All Ceremonies Beautifully Done image

All Ceremonies Beautifully Done

(847) 491-0603

Are you looking for something different? A wedding ceremony that reflects your unique relationship, will keep your guests interested and involved, and sets the tone for this new life you are beginning together? I am passionate about performing wonderful weddings — my only agenda is to create with you the most beautiful and memorable ceremony possible. As a Chicago wedding o...

Verified and trusted vendor

Chicago Wedding Judge wedding vendor preview

Chicago Wedding Judge

(312) 218-1235

As your wedding officiant, my job is to support you on your special day. It is a privilege to provide this service and I will strive to make it the wedding day of your dreams. My experience and familiarity will put you at ease immediately and give you time to do the most important thing -- get married!

Chicago Wedding Officiant wedding vendor preview

Chicago Wedding Officiant

(312) 834-4211

Your wedding ceremony should be about you, and the focus of your wedding officiant services should be your unique needs. Whoever you may be, and whatever wedding experience you may seek, our job is to take care of everything in relation to your ceremony. You can rest easy knowing that you're working with professionals and that your ceremony will represent who YOU are on your we...

Day of Dreams wedding vendor preview

Day of Dreams

(800) 523-5957

With proper guidance and planning, your ceremony will say the right things about you, through the words and events of your choosing, and create indelible memories in the hearts and minds of your guests. This tailor-made approach in wedding ceremony design will produce opportunities for exceptional photography and video footage, and will place everyone in a jubilant mood for the...

Michael Moody Officiant wedding vendor preview

Michael Moody Officiant

(773) 234-5731

Michael believes that marriage will make each of you stronger so you will have the energy and passion to do things you might not choose to do alone.

Chicago Wedding Rites wedding vendor preview

Chicago Wedding Rites

(773) 495-0228

I not only perform religious ceremonies but also ceremonies that are spiritual rather than religious. A professional writer and editor, I use my creativity and flair for language to create outstandingly beautiful ceremonies that fit each couple's beliefs and life experiences.

Indy Get Married Llc wedding vendor preview
Indy Get Married Llc image Indy Get Married Llc image Indy Get Married Llc image

Indy Get Married Llc

(317) 918-4431

Slogan: Can I marry you? Sincerely, Your Wedding Officiant

Verified and trusted vendor

This vendor consistently receives positive feedback

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Indiana Wedding Desing

(317) 719-2847

We are Central Indiana's PREMIER Wedding Officiants. If you want to get married TODAY, tomorrow, or even next year, we are here to provide you with the perfect wedding officiant for the ceremony that you deserve and have dreamed about.

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We want you to get the best value for your wedding budget. Our award-winning vendors are top-rated and come in a variety of price ranges. It’s easy to find the best vendors suited for you when you specify your budget and let us know your preferences. We negotiate the lowest price with the best vendors. Enjoy your wedding your way.

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Local Wedding Officiants

You can’t have a wedding without a wedding officiant. You want an officiant who can guide you through the biggest moment of your life. Yet the critical importance of the officiant is frequently overlooked. You can’t have a wedding without an officiant, and the wrong officiant can easily ruin your wedding. Your wedding officiant should share your vision of the wedding ceremony.

Some officiants will simply perform a standard ceremony. If you want to include your own touches and personalized vows, make sure your officiant is prepared and able to handle these variations. Many officiants will help you write your own vows and come up with creative ideas for the ceremony. That is why you should know what you want before hiring someone to officiate at your wedding. Any experienced officiant should be able to provide you with references. If not, he or she may not be for you.

Your wedding officiant should take the time to get to know you and your fiancé and actually contribute to your wedding magic. If you opt for a religious ceremony, talk to your clergy member to ensure that the ceremony will reflect your needs and vision. Some houses of worship have limitations.

A professional officiant will be trained for all types of wedding ceremonies to create a truly personal wedding experience. Also, consider having a special friend officiate for you. He or she can become ordained online for just a modest fee and can become an intricate part of your wedding. Do a Visual Search on our site for ideas and inspiration

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