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Exclusive Island Weddings wedding vendor preview

Exclusive Island Weddings


Exclusive Island Weddings is a full-service event planning company located on the island of Maui, Hawaii. We offer complete wedding planning services as well as day of coordination. At Exclusive Island Weddings we believe that every couple is unique in their style and vision of what they envision their dream day to be like. You can trust us to deliver a truly unique and engagin...

Ever After Moments wedding vendor preview

Ever After Moments

(808) 499-8350

Let us help you grasp whatever you can't seem to wrap your mind around. Count on us to be there for the entirety of your wedding day, without you worrying about a thing. We can fully help you plan your wedding. Ensuring that your day goes as smoothly as you'd hope it would!

Cherished in Hawaii Wedding  wedding vendor preview

Cherished in Hawaii Wedding

(808) 800-4109

Cherished in Hawaii Weddings has been expertly handling Hawaii weddings for more than 10 years. Over these years, we received hundreds of five-star reviews from our clients because our style is a bit different.

Savvy Weddings wedding vendor preview

Savvy Weddings

(808) 722-5109

At Savvy Weddings we believe every wedding should be unique and truly represent its couple. We are inspired, passionate, full-service wedding planners and coordinators. We can take the reins and handle all the details or hold your hand and walk you through the planning. Either way, you will have the most detailed, creative and energetic team behind you. When your perfect day ar...

Love Letter Weddings wedding vendor preview

Love Letter Weddings

(808) 342-5137

Each event we plan is designed to be a reflection of our clients and a celebration of who they are as a couple. We strive to help each of our couples discover what this means to them. Being available and having an open line of communication are our main priorities. Instead of doing a billion and one weddings a year, we focus our attention on just a few events a month. Your wedd...

Weddings of Hawaii wedding vendor preview

Weddings of Hawaii

(808) 923-4876

Weddings of Hawaii has served thousands of couples on their wedding day. We are highly-skilled, dedicated professionals who share a calling, not just a business. Your day will be relaxing with every detail meticulously planned. Even if the unexpected happens, Weddings of Hawaii can handle the situation. No stress, just get dressed, and we'll do the rest!

Weddings Kauai wedding vendor preview

Weddings Kauai

(808) 635-9393

As your wedding planner, I guide you through the decision process and shield you from the routine tasks of organizing a wedding. The service that I provide will save you countless hours and my years of expertise will ensure that all the details are in order.

Aloha Bridal Connections wedding vendor preview

Aloha Bridal Connections

(808) 371-8363

We are a team of Hawaii Wedding Planners that offer free consultations, unlimited vendor recommendations and any type of wedding planning package you need. ABC is the first Day of Coordination team to offer 5% off wedding vendors and we do everything we can to make sure your wedding day is a smooth and memorable one while being kind to your budget.

Sweet Hawaii Wedding wedding vendor preview

Sweet Hawaii Wedding

(808) 436-8642

Sweet Hawaii Wedding’s meticulous attention to detail creates a Dream-Come-True Hawaiian Wedding for YOU !! You can rest assured knowing your wedding is in the hands of professionals. We strive to bring beauty, lightness, awe, wonder and a sense of the Sacred into your Hawaiian wedding ceremony. Sweet Hawaii Wedding honors and respects everyone’s personal style and cultural cu...

Rainbow Weddings wedding vendor preview

Rainbow Weddings

(808) 822-0944

Experience your Kauai dream wedding. Imagine your Hawaii wedding ceremony set amidst Kauai's azure-blue waters, lush emerald-green mountains, and magnificent waterfalls. Have a beautiful Kauai Wedding.

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We want you to get the best value for your wedding budget. Our award-winning vendors are top-rated and come in a variety of price ranges. It’s easy to find the best vendors suited for you when you specify your budget and let us know your preferences. We negotiate the lowest price with the best vendors. Enjoy your wedding your way.

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Local Wedding Planners

While most couples are willing to pay for the best possible wedding, some are hesitant to hire a wedding planner. It can seem like an unnecessary, additional expense. In fact, hiring a wedding planner can be the most cost-effective wedding planning step you can take. Most couples spend an inordinate amount of time planning every step leading to the big day. That’s a lot to keep track of on a daily basis. An experienced wedding planner will handle each and every detail, so you don’t have to. He or she will follow up, confirm, and negotiate to achieve the ultimate and best results. Hiring a wedding planner can also save you the trouble of hiring any others. Wedding planners are experts in the industry. They know the vendors in your area and are able to choose those who best suit your style. When you work with a wedding vendor, you work with one expert instead of juggling a dozen. Every addition to your wedding plan adds to the cost. A wedding planner will keep track of the expenses and prioritize your needs. He or she can also suggest more budget-minded alternatives to keep your expenses down. This is why ultimately a wedding planner will save you money. With so many details to handle, a wedding planner will prove invaluable. Do you really want to walk down the aisle on your wedding day worrying about your cake delivery? So, rethink this important issue. How can you not need a wedding planner? Take a look at the wedding planners in your area and review their background and experience. Depending on your needs, you can hire a wedding planner to arrange your entire wedding, only perform certain tasks, such as dealing with your venue, or you can hire him or her specifically for your wedding day only to prevent any unpleasant surprises (the cake will be there!). Once you’ve found the right wedding planner for you, you might consider it the best wedding investment of all.

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